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Railroad Crossing Luck – PLEASE Drive Safely

Published by on Sep 11th, 2008, No Comments

Just the other day I thought that lately we only showed you new concepts and new models arriving, some with more and more horse powers, and nothing about safe driving. Well our friends from AU got a very interesting video with a presumably lady driver that defied death while at a railroad crossing. Why she’s not waiting behind the barriers (which are there for a very good reason) is not something we can understand, but watch out what happens after when the train goes by.

It’s not funny, but I really had to show it to you. That’s what happens when you should allow the big metal thing to pass and you don’t. I’m pretty sure the rear bumper is fucked up and that we have a shit-scared driver over there. She/He was extremely lucky, but next time the train could wipe her/him out.

Call it a campaign or whatever you like, but PLEASE drive safely and pay attention to the rules.