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Teasing you : BMW X1 Concept

Published by on Sep 29th, 2008, 1 Comment

One more week and the Paris Motor Show starts. A lot of new additions and a lot of new concept will see daylight, off of which the new BMW Concept X1 which we don’t know much about. And BMW is using it against us. A recent video on their website (BMW-web.tv) shows just a little of what those present in Paris will see. The guys at BMWBlog rumored that it’s going to use a four wheel drive system (but also a rear drive system) with a range of four and six cylinders diesel and gas engines, but I’m not betting my money on it.

First to get their hands on it (and I’m not talking about the French next week) are going to be the Europeans. Do you like their presentation?


New BMW X1 Spied at a Photo Session

[...] know a bit about performance and technology. As for the interior, it looks roomier, because the X1 is expected to ride on a E90 3-Series platform. Priced at some £20,000, expect it to go on sale [...]

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