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Tread carefully around tyre safety!

Published by on Feb 27th, 2009, No Comments






What would the effect of the economic downturn be on road safety? Would we be able to replace our worn-out tyres in time or would many road users extend this for another thousand kilometres…? With so many non-roadworthy vehicles and overloaded taxis on the road this is indeed a cause for concern!

I remember that someone once explained the importance of tyre safety by illustrating the part of a vehicle that is in touch with the road surface. This is no more than 4 pieces of an A4 piece of paper! If you are driving a vehicle at 120km/h it becomes important that this contact is accurate and that it will enable you to steer and brake safely!

On the Arrive Alive website we have previously added various bits and pieces about tyre safety and decided to do some maintenance work with a new section titled “Road Safety and Tyre Safety”.

We would like to urge all our road users to follow strict discipline with regards to inspecting and maintaining proper tyre safety! This is something to be done regularly and with the assistance of the tyre safety experts. May we not neglect these most important components of road safety!