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PPI R8 Razor GTR: Set to be unleashed at the Top Marques Show in Monaco

Published by on Apr 8th, 2009, 1 Comment

The Razor GTR was initially unveiled at the 2008 Essen Motor Show, but the new PPI R8 Razor GTR will be a step up from what we have seen earlier. Set to make its grand appearance at the Top Marques Show in Monaco, the car will be taken for a test drive on the Monaco Racing Track and one sure hopes that its 580hp engine with maximum torque of 600Nm and a top speed of 332km/h puts on an impressive show out there. The changes on the R8 include a carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium in order to reduce weight and improve performance, better aerodynamics and new interiors prepped up using Onyx Nubuck leather highlighted in orange. With a sprint time from 0-100 km/hr of just 3.7 seconds, cool look, plush interiors and great aerodynamics this could steal the show when the curtain lifts at Monaco! [via WCF]


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