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Rogue Rally to plant 1000 trees to off set carbon footprint

Published by on Nov 26th, 2012, No Comments

Rogue Rally, the 2500kms super car road trip has announced that they will plant 1000 trees to offset the carbon footprint caused by the rally to be held next year in June.

“We will be planting 1000 trees in partnership with Green Works to off set the carbon footprint of the rally. We feel that it is our duty to take measures to reduce the impact that the Rogue Rally will have on the environment,” says BAM and Rogue Rally CEO Mark Castel.

According to Castel, 500 indigenous shade and 500 fruit trees will be planted in areas deemed as previously disadvantaged. “We hope that the trees not only help in reducing our carbon footprint but also help the communities in which they will be planted in. It is our belief that the trees will provide food, anchor the soil, beautify the surrounding areas and provide a source of shade and shelter for these local communities,” says Castel.

The Rogue Rally takes 50 supercar owners on a 2500+kms road trip over the course of a week and will take place from 16 -22 June 2013. The trip is punctuated with special stages and events that will give drivers the opportunity to use their cars as the designers intended.

For more information visit  www.roguerally.co.za or follow on Twitter @RogueRally #RogueRally.