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Padkos 101 – tips on what to pack for your next road trip

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It is December 2012 and ‘tis the season to be traveling. Some of you will be jet-setting to places abroad while others might be simplifying a local journey with a quick flight, but this article is for the adventure-seekers among us who’ll be travelling the traditional way – A Road Trip.

Taking the right Padkos can make or break your trip. Since you might be stuck in the car for more than 10 hours with the same CD on repeat, fighting off bodies and boogie boards, dealing with traffic and those mundane 45-minute stop & go’s, food may be your only solace. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts for the right padkos.

Biltong – It is a love that has been fostered from a young age with South Africans. However, take care of how much you eat as the salt will induce a great thirst and thus quenching, which could lead to some impromptu stops in the bush (not ideal for the ladies). DO indeed!

Hard Boiled Eggs – Your picturesque long-distance journey of rolling hills, vibrant fynbos and clear blue skies will be tainted by the pungent smell of something too similar to flatulence. Although, it must be said that a fun blame game of who smelt it dealt it can be good for killing some time. Still, proceed with caution. A safe DON’T.

Sandwiches – A great way to fill the belly where other snacks might only inflame your appetite. Be wise about your ingredients though, there is nothing delicious about a soggy sandwich. A scrumptious DO.

Wimpy – This is something that you cannot pack but in South Africa, a road trip is not truly a road trip until you’ve stopped for a Wimpy breakfast. A definite DO.

Sweets – Of course we know what this is going to be, but don’t pack copious amounts! If it is in the car you will probably eat out of boredom and impatience. Too many sweets will leave you wired with nowhere to go and a tummy ache. A tasty Do.

Water – A great way to rehydrate, especially with that African sun melting away all good sense. A necessary DO.

Fizzy Drinks – You have to keep in mind that you are in a confined space crammed with people, think twice about how many bubbles you want to consume and where they are going to go afterwards. You can’t blame everything on Grandpa. A precautionary DON’T.

Fruit – This is always a good intended way of keeping your trip healthy. It is a great snack, if you choose the right one. Dried fruit is no hassle and no fuss – DO.

Soft fruit – bananas, peaches, plums – is a definite DON’T. There will be nothing but bruises and mush in no time.

Fruit with a tough exterior – naartjies, apples, litchis – is a healthy DO.

Regardless of whether you’re cruising the highways in a brand new set of wheels or trundling along in your faithful used car, drive safely, enjoy the journey and make the most of your destination.

This article was provided by Reeds Motor Group, one of Cape Town’s leading new and used car dealers.