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Adreach increases street level reach with Rogue Rally

Published by on Feb 19th, 2013, No Comments

Adreach the outdoor media company which operates more than 40 000 sites across South Africa, is a partner sponsor of the Rogue Rally. Rogue Rally is a Gumball-style supercar road trip that covers more than 2200 kms and includes special stages.  The event is designed to give the owners of supercars the opportunity to use their cars as the designers intended.

“For us the association with supercars is a natural one as we manage so much roadside real estate,” says Brad Fisher, CEO of Adreach. Fisher goes on to say that it was however the public participation and exposure that clinched the deal. “The Rogue Rally will be very accessible to the general public with open track days, exclusive parties, street processions, closed street circuits and special events,” said Fisher.

Fisher did not disclose the sponsorship amount and was only willing to indicate that it exceeds R1 million. “The Rogue Rally’s appeal extends beyond car enthusiasts and it is Ad Reach’s prediction that the Rogue Rally will be a highlight on the SA social calendar.”

“Rogue Rally is a 5 star event with 5 star participants. The special stages and logistics related to the Rogue Rally are going to be something special,” says Rogue Rally CEO, Mark Castel. Castel says that partner sponsors were essential as the cost of the event is not covered by the R45 000 entry fee. According to him the goodie bags alone are valued in the tens of thousands of rand.

Other sponsors include navigation specialists TomTom distributed by Tracker, McLaren/Aston Martin/Rolls Royce importers Daytona Group, Helivac, and Legacy Hotels Group.

The Rogue Rally starts on 16 June and will run until 22 June.  Smaller sponsorship opportunities are still available for some of the special stages and events. For sponsorship enquiries contact Mark Castel on 0861 222 123.

To enter or for more information, click here. Only 24 more entries will be accepted.