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Lamborghini Gallardo goes Airborne: Video

Published by on Jul 18th, 2013, No Comments

Lamborghini Gallardo GT 3

Here is something that is definitely worth a watch!

A Lamborghini Gallardo GT 3 recently went airborne twice while going over a hump on the track. Luckily for us, the passenger was filming the whole spectacle from inside the car – so you really get a feeling of what it is like going airborne in a supercar!

Usually, things don’t really turn out well for cars going airborne. There was the famous Mercedes CLR incident at Le Mans in 1999, when the Mercedes went airborne twice. Needless to say, the car never raced after the incident again and changes were made to the track.

Another incident happened at Automotodrom Slovakia Ring, where a hump on the track caused many mid and rear engine cars to go airborne. There was also at least one end-over-end flip similar to the infamous Le Mans CLR crash.

What is amazing about this Lamborghini however, is that it could withstand the lift-off and still kept on going! The car is perfectly fine and can still do what it is supposed to do – race!

Check out the footage from a passengers point of view in the video below:

Source: Carbuzz