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All new Range Rover Autobiography: Video

Published by on Jan 14th, 2014, No Comments

2013 Range Rover (2)

If ever there was a car that I am pretty sure everyone in the world would want, (regardless if you’re a soccer mom or F1 driver), it would have to be the new Range Rover Autobiography. Sleek and sexy and oh so luxurious – can I place my order, please?

Cars.co.za recently had the opportunity to test drive the Autobiography (queue jealousy) and lucky for us, filmed the whole experience.

From the elegant interior design to the high-tech, self-parking (yes, really) features, this car really seems like anybody’s dream car.

But, alas, this Range Rover is not destined for us mere mortals. With a price tag of nearly R2 million, you would have to have some seriously deep pockets to take it home with you.

Do yourself a favour and check out the video below. Other than making you drool for four minutes, it’s actually quite entertaining, too.

Now, can someone give me R2 million, please?