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An illustrated history of the van

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History of the Van

The van. It’s not a sexy automobile, nor has it been hailed as the greatest invention in history. It’s practical, and boxy and sometimes really uncool – remember when your uncle used to show off what his kombi can do? Yeah.

however, what we don’t know (or rarely think of) of the van, is how to came into existence and what a important influence it had on pop culture, the automotive industry and various other industries in the world.

Just think, if no one had invented the van, how would you get your mail delivered or where would you store your equipment?

Well, in case you didn’t know, Mercedes-Benz invented the van – although they were two separate companies at the time and the creation of the van was really all thanks to a stiff competition between the two. And now, the German automaker wants to show us the long (and surprisingly interesting) history of the van.

In a beautifully animated video, Mercedes shows us just who much the van has evolved and how it has influenced our lives. They also wanted to pay tribute to the one constant in our automotive lives, one thing there will always be a need for.

You’ll be surprised to know that the van has a 100-year old history. A history that stretches from the turn of the century right through to the van-obsessed days of the 70’s.

The van went form a practical, no nonsense vehicle to an essential fashion statement – here’s looking at you, 60’s hippies!

Surfers soo caught on and were beyond psyched with the idea of a van that can comfortably transport their surfboard. Radical!

Even rockstars became fans of the van and used many a van to house and transport their gear (and groupies) and use the back of a van as a sort of den for  doing questionable deeds.

The van even made it appearance in various movies, cartoons and TV shows. From the A-Team to Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine, the van has seen it all.

So, in honour of the van and its various contributions over the past 100 years, check out the cool video below:

Source: YouTube