The HUMMER H3 gets flashier with its “Colour Customization Campaign”

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HUMMER USA takes customisation one step further with the “HUMMER Colour Customization Campaign”. This campaign allows HUMMER buyers, especially women, to customize their HUMMER H3 to match their personality and attitude. With an option of ten spectacular custom colours including ‘tough cookie lilac’ and ‘side kick pink’, women can make their vehicles distinctive.

The unique exterior colour can also be carried onto the inside, with colour coded bucket seats and centre console to really make the custom H3 stand out. “When I first chose to change my car, I told my husband I wanted a pink HUMMER. Two weeks later I was the owner of this beautiful lilac model and I can’t stop flaunting it,” said Jane McMorrow.

An H3 with a custom colour paintjob is sure to attract attention and envious stares from onlookers but it’s not just about being flashy. Having just the right shade of colour makes the vehicle a valuable personal belonging and reflects on the owner’s colourful outlook of life. That’s why HUMMER gives women the option of mixing various available shades to come up with a totally new and unique shade.

Johnny Amiuoni, Marketing Manager for HUMMER at GM Middle East believes the campaign gives women freedom and power to create an H3 that reflects their uniqueness and beauty. South African HUMMERs come in a variety of colours and specification levels.

Nano becomes a Fiat???

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Tata is considering launching the Nano to the global market under the Fiat badge. Reasoning behind this is that Tata and Fiat already work together to distribute commercial trucks outside India and Tata believes the the Fiat badge might have more appeal to potential buyers from the Western market. It will initaially be launched with a 33bhp petrol engine but will eventually be followed by a 800cc twin-cylinder turbodiesel developed in Germany.

Fast and Furious 4!!!

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The Fast and Furious return for the fourth installment. To the delight of many, the stars of the original film will be making their return. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker team up yet again for the ultimate chapter of the Fast and Furious franchise. As usual they push the limits of what’s possible behind the wheel so expect pimped out rides and lots of screeching tyres in this high-octane action packed movie.

The film is due to be released next year.

2009 Porsche 911 Targa

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Porsche has recently revealed their Targa version of the 911. Its techno upgrades as the rest of the 911’s include direct injection engines and PDK double clutch gearbox. It will be made available with a 3.6litre flat-six engine (Targa 4) with a max output of 345bhp and a top speed of 176mph and a 3.8litre (Targa 4S) with a max output of 385bhp reaching a top speed of 184mph.

Porsche new 911 Targa

The exterior of this glass roofed 911 includes LED daytime running lights, LED taillights and smaller fog lights. The focal point of this Porsche’s interior is the new Porsche Communication Management  3.0 (PCM 3.0) touch-screen which provides easy operation of the audio system as well as the HDD navigation system (optional). Other functions of PCM 3.0 include Blue-tooth connectivity, IPOD port, USB port, satellite radio and XM NavTraffic capability.

The 911 Targa goes on sale in the UK and USA this October.

Autostyle Monthend Specials

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The Autostyle July Month end Specials is now available. Check out their newsletter to view this exclusive promotion.

Limited edition Brera S

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The Alfa Romeo Brera S (‘S’ for speciale) made in collaboration with Prodrive will only be sold in the UK and production will be limited to 500 hundred individually numbered models. The Brera S will be available with the two existing petrol engines, namely the 185Hp 2.2 litre and the 260Hp 3.2 V6 engines.

Prodrive has made changes to the suspension, interior, exterior as well as including a new exhaust system. Their main aim was to refine the Brera’s handling and this was achieved with new stiffer springs and dampers and the car was also slightly lowered (-10mm).

According to Peter Cambridge (Prodrive Project leader), the result is “a car that ‘shrinks’ around the driver and delivers all the fun and engagement of a sports car driving experience on A and B-roads. Yet, on motorways, offers a compliant and composed ride.”

The exterior of the Brera S boasts lightweight 19″ alloy wheels with Pirelli PZero Nero Tyres ispired by the Alfa 8C Competizione, the new supercar flagship for the Alfa Romeo range. The interior of the Brera S is dressed in black leather completed with red stitiching and the centre console is accentuated with a dark finish. The headrests include a limited edition Brera S aluminium plate featuring the British and Italian flags.

Hopefully for the lucky 500 the one year development at Prodrive will pay off and this car will be more go than show due to the weight reduction.

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 VersaceRoadster

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Versace and Lamborghini have been collaborating since 2006 and have recently launched their LP640 Versace Roadster at the Maison’s Via Gesu 12 in Milan last month. The package is available through Lamborghini’s “ad personam” customization program which allows clients to personalize their sports cars, to their satisfaction.

This limited edition Lamborghini is enhanced with its black and pastel white leather clad seats finished with the Versace Greek key motif stitching.

The control panel as well as the central console and door panels is clad in full grain soft nappa leather which is completed by the hand embroided Versace Geek motif .

For the first time the LP640 is equipped with a transparent engine hood displaying the V12 engine. This minimalism design of the hood inspired Versace to design a full range of accessories which will be made available at their boutiques and selected Lamborghini showrooms by November 2008.

The accessories include: a trolley bag, sports bag, gloves, driving shoes, wallets and keyrings amongst many others all boasting the Lamborghini and Versace logos.

Vehicle maintenance reveals more than just the vehicle!

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Vehicle maintenance reveals more than just the vehicle! It has been said that a well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about the owner. Not only will the vehicle reflect characteristics, neatness etc…but will provide many benefits to the owner, driver, other road users and even the community!

What are the benefits of effective vehicle maintenance?

• Saving fuel and money – mechanical systems of the vehicle will affect fuel efficiency
• Reducing long-term maintenance costs
• Minimize harmful exhaust emissions and protect the environment
• Increase reliability of your vehicle and limit the risk of vehicle breakdown
• Increase the resale value of your vehicle

The biggest benefit is however increased safety on the road. Proper vehicle maintenance will reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by vehicle failure. It will also lead to fewer vehicle break-downs and the avoidable exposure to the criminal element next to the road!

The Arrive Alive Road Safety Website has included a section on “Vehicle Maintenance and Road Safety” to assist road users with advice and suggestions on maintaining their vehicles.