Breaking: Audi e-tron more expensive than R8!

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If you had to choose between Audi’s R8 sports car or pay more to buy the electric e-tron which would you choose?

Sure, it would depend on a couple of things, but the one that really concerns me is the range. Will the be able to make an electric car with the R8’s performance levels that can literally go the distance. I mean what good is a sports car if you can only go quick for a 100km or so?

We’ll have to wait till about 2012 for the answer to that question when Audi is going to build a 1000 units of the e-tron. Audi reckons it can sell a 1000 of these babys through its worldwide dealer network of about 5000 dealers, but they would make more if the merket wanted it and would make less if nobody waned it…so the 1000 units is only a guesstimate.

Pricing? It’ll be priced above the R8.

Glad this didn't happen to me: Pagani Zonda F wrecked

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This post is bad news once again. A $1.1Million Pagani Zonda F has crashed in the streets of Hong Kong. The pictures tell the tale of one of the last ever Pagani Zondas to roll off the production line before the new one comes sometime next year.

Lots of damage, and it’s going to be lots of money to fix that baby.

The most electric day ever: Porsche to offer hybrid Panamera

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It’s official – Porsche will offer the Panamera with a hybrid drivetrain. The company confirmed the at the LA Autoshow.

The vehicle will most likely go on on sale in 2011 and will probably not be offered in 4wd guise. Lots of rumours are floating around regarding which system will be used, but the general consensus is that it will not be using the system we’ve seen on the Cayenne.

If all today’s hybrid announcements are anything to go by Porsche will have a host of electric spares to choose from when it raids the VW group’s electric/ hybrid parts bin.

The most electric day ever: New Golf 7 to be electric

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The boss of VW R&D Ulrich Hackenberg(real name) has said at the LA Auto show that the next Golf will definitely be offered with Hybrid and full electric versions.

Greenpeace rejoice.

The most electric day ever: VW up Lite concept

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This is up Lite concept from VW. It is Lite on fuel. Using only the faintest whisker of fumes of fuel to go on to a consumption figure of just over 2 liters per 100km.

How? Well the name kinda gives it away. Weighing in at only 695kg it really is Lite. It weighs as much as a stack of feathers because of the extensive use of Aluminium, Carbon fibre and lightweight batteries.


The most electric day ever: Audi e-tron sales to start 2012

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Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin. All pioneers in the field of electricity and all of them would’ve been very proud of today’s happenings on the Automotive front.

As you may or may not know the LA Auto show is on at the moment and the main theme is electricity and hybrids. It seems as if every car maker used the show to announce their very own zero emissions aspirations.

First up is the Audi e-tron. While we have all seen the red version a couple of months ago, Audi brought along a butt-ugly orange version for the LA show. What we didn’t know till now was that Audi is planning to sell the e-tron from 2012.

Some of the stats are truly unbelievable like the torque number of 4500 nm of torque! Acceleration is awesome too with 100km/h coming up in4.8s and 60km/h-120km/h takes only 4.1s!

Breaking: Alfa Romeo 147 Successor launched

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Those Italians. They like to make a scene out of nothing at all. Take the successor to the Alfa Romeo 147. They could’ve called it the 147. Then Alfa wanted to call it the 148. They then changed it to the Milano – sounds good, but not if you are a worker for Alfa from the city of Milan – then you’d be outraged by the name.

You see Milan isn’t the home of Alfa anymore, but is now located in Turin. This means that the Milanese workers are up in arms over the name and Alfa is considering a change to Giulietta. Makes sense? No. (more…)

Glad this didn't happen to me: Italian Police Gallardo smashed

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What you see in the above picture is what happens when you “clip” a Seat coming out of a gas station at an undisclosed speed and smash into a row of parked cars.

At least that’s what the Italian Police wants you to believe. The crash took place after the driver of the vehicle attended a function at night promoting safe driving. Oh the irony of it all.

It was also driven by one of 20 Italian Policemen that were trained to handle the power of the Gallardo for chasing bad guys.

But I smell a rat. I think what more than likely happened was something more like this –