Powerful new C-Class

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It looks like if you want something fast and German and muscular, you will have to give Mercedes Benz a call. While their main rivals seem to have gone a bit soft in terms of design, Merc are cranking it up continuously with wider wheel arches, angrier front ends and even more aggressive rear ends.

Have a good look at this, the new Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, to give the car it’s full title. It’s not the first C Coupe Black, that arrived a few years ago with a warning letter to owners asking them to please drive in perfect conditions or else risk certain death. Oh, and sign here so you can’t sue us when that happens.

Full specifications and more details here

Breaking News: Ecclestone Tells Local News Team Formula 1 Street Race Will Be Held In Cape Town In Two Years

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Eyewitness News has revealed that F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has told them that Cape Town will host a Formula One street race in the next two years.

In February this year, the Cape Times reported that a local consortium had been invited to picth a racetrack to the FIA that was centred around the Waterfront, Greenpoint and even running through the Greenpoint stadium.

The proposal is apparently weeks away from being signed: ”I’m hoping we can make a decision as soon as our lawyers have a good look at them… within the next couple of weeks,” Ecclestone has been reported as saying.

Track layout and more info after the jump

On OverdriveLive Tonight: Polo GTi Review, Monaco Grand Prix Report and Indy 500 Action

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Every Tuesday between 6 and 8pm, Ciro De Siena and Gavin Williams from OverdriveTV host OverdriveLive on 2OceansVibe Radio. It’s a blokey mix of cars, football, music, more cars, and other nonsense which Capetonians are coming to love.

This week they’ll be reviewing the new Polo GTi and the Honda Jazz Hybrid, as well as presenting a full report on the brilliant Monaco Grand Prix. In true petrol-head form, they sat through the entire Indy 500 on Sunday as well, only for the most exciting moment to happen seconds before the end of the race.

All this will be fitted in between the best hand-picked tunes. Head over to to listen live.

C-Sick. We Drive The Brand New Citroen C4

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I’m one of those people who’s always liked the French.  Their lack of sentimentality, and hence lack of diplomacy has always rubbed me up the right way.  I was on the Paris Metro once and being a bit lost, was waiting in line at an info kiosk to ask for some assistance.  In front of me was an American Family. The American Family.  The American Family with fanny packs and fat where other people from other nations don’t have fat.

Full Gallery and review after the jump

BMW Builds Another Hommage Concept, But The 328 Is A Beauty

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I really do wish BMW would just get on with it already and build a rival to the Audi R8. It’s so painfully obvious that a mid-engined car like the R8 should have been built by BMW in the first place, rather than by their now stiff competition from Ingolstadt. Remember that beautiful M1 Hommage Concept from 2008? It’s 2011, BMW, what’s holding you up?

Regardless, this new 328 Hommage is a beauty. We’ve got a huge gallery of pics after the jump, as well as a few interesting facts about the original.

Huge gallery and 328 trivia when you click here

Hello Turkey, Goodbye Turkey: Full Grand Prix Report

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After the almost narcotic high of Shanghai, the Turkish Grand Prix would have had to be absolutely sensational to even compare. While it was without the drama of China, this weekend’s race was certainly entertaining.

Famous for “Turn 8” – a high speed, triple-apex flat-out left hander, in which the drivers have to endure nearly 5Gs of lateral force, the Turkish Grand Prix is one of the most exciting layouts on the modern calendar. It’s a pity the Turkish people don’t think so however, a drastic fall in attendance means the event will probably be pulled from the line up next year. So this might have been the last Formula One GP at the venue for a few years to come.

For a full Race Report and results, team and driver standings, click here

Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster Revealed During Final Testing

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We can’t think of too many ways to make the stunning SLS ‘Gullwing’ any more desirable, and to be honest we wouldn’t have immediately thought of removing those epic doors. But that’s just what Mercedes has gone and done, and the result is this, the SLS Roadster.

As you’ll see in the picture gallery, the car is undergoing final testing before its debut in Frankfurt later this year. Can you just imagine that job, testing one of these to destruction. We’ve got a full gallery and more specs after the jump.

Click here to see an SLS Roadster in a big freezer

Update: More Pictures Of The Rolled Lamborghini

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