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Brabus & Smart Teaser Reveals a Mystery Car (Video)

Published by on Jun 2nd, 2011, No Comments

Looks like the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show is up for some serious surprise! A teaser video filmed in the Brabus factory in Bottrop, Germany, hints that we may be viewing the fastest Smart in the world.

The car looks like it is based on the ForTwo model, but we can’t confirm that as of now. The answers to many queries have its chances to be revealed by the end of September.

Brabus, along with the mystery model, will showcase  the 2003 Roadster V6 bi-turbo, which has 210 PS and a horse power of 207. The car can hit a top speed of approximately 240 km/h – thanks to the 300Nm of torque. We also got a peak at the 2006 ForFour race concept which car.

Hit play to watch the video.