MyFord Touch Gets an Update

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Since its release last year, MyFord Touch has taken a fair amount of criticism from both consumers and critics for its cluttered user interface and capacitive controls for the climate control system. A far too complex system with a number of occasional glitches triggered negative publicity for the sophisticated and ambitious system. Ford is now planning to rectify some of these issues with an updated system for 2013 models, with existing Ford owners benefiting from the changes as well.

To begin with, Ford has expanded the features of MyFord Touch to include Apple iPad connectivity and access to audiobooks through either voice commands or the touchscreen. A range of improvements are also being implemented for better Bluetooth telephone connectivity and an updated map experience from TeleNav and Navteq will also take shape.


BMW Remote App For Android

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After leading the way in bringing iPod integration and iPhone connectivity to its vehicles, BMW has now brought the same functionality to Android with the soon to be released remote app for Google’s open-source OS.

As with Apple’s OS, the app will allow drivers to remotely lock, unlock and locate their vehicles. In addition, the driver will be able to access the Climate Control function to activate the vehicle’s auxiliary ventilation or heating and a Flash Light or Horn Blow function can be used to gain a visible or audible reminder of the car’s location. If the car is out of sight or earshot, the Vehicle Finder function can locate it within a radius of up to 1,500 metres.

BMW will be releasing the app later this year and will also include real-time traffic information.

Marry A Mercedes-Benz to Apple and You Get an iCar!

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Way back in 2007, there were reports that Apple and Mercedes Benz had signed a deal whereby Apple was to design an in-car maintenance, communication and navigation system for inclusion in Mercedes Benz vehicles. It’s all coming true. The iCar is what you get when you combine a Mercedes-Benz S Class car and the latest Apple devices.


Why did you decide to buy that GPS device?

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Most of us know exactly why a GPS device is an important part of our safe travel in unknown areas…but why do we buy a specific make or model? We have raised this with one of the top SA accident investigators and received this response:

“ The more important question is – and remains – do you want to use it primarily in the City, cross-country, between cities on National Roads, Off-road, etc.? Before choosing a GPS, establish YOUR needs, then shop after getting the best “pound-for-your-buck.” Also keep in mind that – with all the building going on for 2010, you will invariably get out-of-date routing errors. We have been using GPS for about 6 years now, on a daily basis. Like a computer, the user can also influence the effectiveness of the device.. So, FIRST your needs, THEN your wants (bluetooth, etc), THEN price, THEN “coolness.” My 10c worth…”

This is a concise but rather accurate summary of some of the aspects to consider when buying a GPS device.
The Arrive Alive website will assist our drivers further with a guide titled “GPS Navigation Technology and Buying a GPS Device”

What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?

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What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?

What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?










Research was commissioned by TomTom and conducted recently in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the US and provides valuable insight on the importance of GPS for road safety.

The key findings of the research were as follows:

• The use of satellite navigation devices heightens awareness and reduces the stress levels of the driver
• The use of navigation devices reduces the driver’s workload*
• The use of a satellite navigation device improves the driver’s behaviour when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination
• The use of a satellite navigation device reduces the number of miles driven when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination
• The use of satellite navigation devices reduces travel time when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination

“TomTom has consistently led the market with innovative safety features such as hands-free calling, the Help Me! emergency menu and clear spoken instructions in our navigation devices,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom. “We are pleased to see objective research further validate the fact that navigation contributes to driving safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the study shows that using a navigation device – compared to navigation by conventional means – reduces the number of miles that people drive when travelling through an unknown area to an unknown destination, which in turn has a positive effect on the environment and fuel costs.”

The Arrive Alive road safety website has included these findings in a section titled “GPS and road safety”. These findings are of special importance as South Africa gears up for the 2010 World Cup. Many foreigners will travel across South Africa for the first time – and GPS devices could enhance the safety of their travels!

BMW Testing Camouflage System – IT WORKS

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No this is not an octopus, this is a camouflaged E65 BMW 7 series that’s dressed up like this because the German maker is testing new camouflage system in Munich, for their future prototypes. BMW admitted it to BILD, the biggest tabloid in the country.

BMW Camouflage System

My first impression was that this is the new 2009 BMW 7-series but at a closer look there aren’t many things different from the older version and I don’t think BMW would ever come up with the same product but under a different “color”. But think how many people made the mistake and how BMW laughs at them right now. The system works.
To be honest I wouldn’t mind driving a camouflaged version be it a 3-5 or 7-series. Would they build one if anyone asks ?

Garmin's Nuvi 200

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Garmin’s new Nuvi 200 brings worldclass GPS navigation at rock bottom prices. Based on the top of the range Nuvi series, Garmin have trimmed away the bluetooths, mp3 players and other features to give a basic, straightforward GPS Navigator. Competitively priced at under R3000 (R2950) , the ultra slim, feature packed Nuvi 200 is ideal for GPS newbies. It comes preloaded with South Africa Streetmaps, be sure to take the time to register on Download their POI Software. Garmap releases weekly speedcamera, redlight camera & hijack hotspot alerts FREE OF CHARGE! Simply register, and download it as you wish.

View product here

LED wheels – move over spinners!

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Spinner rims are so yesterday. Rims with built-in color LEDs become reality with “PimpStar”. With the PimpStar’s built-in full color LED lights, microprocessor and wireless modem, you can display virtually any image, including text, graphics, logos, and even digital photos!

The included software allows you to create your own images and send them to each wheel individually or all wheels at the same time as you drive! You can even pre-load up to six images into each wheel and program them to change automatically at the time intervals you select.

A few cars have been spotted in the Milnerton area with these LED wheels on selling some company’s product. We wonder how long it will last in our neighbourhoods, I can see my car on bricks very quickly after getting a pair of these!