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Citroen Tubik Concept Car

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According to Citroen, it’s time that travel became meangingful again and the French auto manufacturer intends to do just this with its new Tubik concept, a modern take on the MPV. Citroen describes the Tubik as “a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun”. The futuristic nine- seater people mover draws inspiration from the Type H or TUB (French slang for a front-wheel drive commercial vehicle) van from Citroen’s auto history.

 The interior showcases seats covered in purple leather and felt that can swivel and be re-positioned to create a lounge and/or sleeping area. The passenger area also comes fitted with an HD TV screen and surround sound. Although there is plenty of lighting, there is a significant lack of windows in the passenger area, which for some may not be ideal. The driver’s seat resembles that of a circular pod almost completely separated from the rest of the vehicle. The quirky design extends to the passenger door which opens much like the door of a private jet where the top half lifts up while the bottom half drops to form a step.

The Tubik is powered by PSA’s new Hybrid4 system with a 160bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine up front and the battery/electric motor gubbins generating another 37bhp out the back. All four of the 22 inch wheels can be driven in 4wd mode.

The Tubik concept is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.




VW Nils Electric Concept Car

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Volkswagen has designed a new concept electric pod car that will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show taking place in just under two weeks. The Nils, ideal for a single commuter, is a possible solution for crowded urban roads. Developed with the German Transport Ministry and designed to be environmentally sustainable is capable of travelling up to approximately 137km an hour with a range between charges of about 65km and weighs just 19kg. The single seater is just 3040mm long – half a metre shorter than an Up – and sits lower than a Porsche 911.

The battery has a capacity of 5.3kWh and is fully charged after two hours with a three point plug.

The design, based around a light but sturdy aluminum spaceframe, features gullwing style doors and free-standing wheels which makes it both fun to drive and friendly on the environment.

R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg said: “Nils is anything but a dry-run exercise and is very realistic. Despite its compact dimensions, the concept fulfils all safety requirements for contemporary vehicles.”


Audi City E-Tron Concept Spotted in Berlin

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Spy photographers have caught the new Audi City E-Tron concept on camera during a shoot in Berlin.


Toyota RAV4 EV to be Offered to All; Prototype Shown [Video]

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If you haven’t heard as yet, here’s some bit of exciting news for you. The Toyota RAV4 EV will debut in 2012 and will be offered to all customers who wish to get one for themselves. This puts to rest the reports that the car will be made available only to fleet purchasers and car-sharing companies.


Opel FCV in 2015

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When it comes to electric vehicles, there seems to be an added number of cars that are being lined up.  Many top brands are geared up to follow the trend of future. German player Opel has taken it a step further, by announcing plans to launch a ground breaking fuel-cell vehicle (FCV). The vehicle is expected to roll out in 2015.


Volkswagen to Offer Hybrid Variants for Every New Roll Out

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As you all know, the German motoring giant VW had been a little behind to embrace hybrid tech for their vehicles. However, VW has now announced plans to provide a hybrid edition of every model they will make in future.


Protoscar Lampo 3 Adds to EV League (Video)

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Swiss automobile company Protoscar has come up with their latest edition of its EV sports vehicle, christened Lampo3. The first generation of this efficient concept – Lampo – was first unveiled in 2009 and was followed up by the Lampo2 boasting much more powerful drive. The third generation of Lampo 2+2 coupe comes with a streamlined steel chassis, a ramified body and a removable targa roof.


Mercedes S-Class EV Coming Soon?

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Automobile enthusiasts out there must already be aware that the redesigned Mercedes S-Class will be a plug-in hybrid. Now, there is some exciting news about a pure electric variant of the model.