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Joule EV ‘almost’ production ready variant showcased in Geneva

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Remember the Joule EV from the 2008 Paris Auto Show? Well if you see it at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, you will not really be able to recognize it given the amount changes the South Africa-based Optimal Energy designed commuter has undergone.

Joule EV by Optimal Energy 2

It is a near production ready variant that gets a showcasing in Geneva featuring revised styling changes and production ready equipment. Initially, only 100 prototypes of the Joule EV will be manufactured for testing and development purposes following which the EV will hit thorough production in the later half of 2012.

All these prototypes will be hand-built by Hi-Tech Automotive and once production begins it will be Germany’s EDAG and South Korea’s Energy Innovation Group who will supply the parts. The Joule EV is touted to have a maximum range of 143 miles when using the New European Driving Cycle or 186 miles when running on the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule.

Tata Nano EV debuts in Geneva

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Tata Nano EV 1

The world wants to see the smallest ever car and Tata is at the Geneva event with an electric version of the Nano. Sure Tata is no global automobile manufacturing giant but, it does want to capture the world with its electronically powered vehicles where Tata Nano EV will make a beginning. Set to go on sale in Europe next year as a 20102 model, the Nano EV will use the batteries which also power its Tata Indica Vista EV. Overall, the Nano EV headed to Europe will be 20 centimeters longer and it will sport better suspension along with anti-lock brakes. The Nano EV will probably have a 0 to 60km/h dash timing of less than 10 seconds and an anticipated range of 160kilometres.

Tata Nano EV 2

2010 TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster in Geneva

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2010 TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster 1

As far as we remember, watchmaker TAG Heuer has never before been associated with an electric sports car company like Tesla. TAG Heuer has been closely associated with top-notch racing teams in the past but it now understands that even the performance seeking drivers need to ride on green wheels, which is why TAG Heuer has joined hands to build a one-off Tesla roadster. Currently on display at the ongoing 80th Geneva Motor Show, this electric roadster will feature a centre console hosting TAG Heuer’s latest concept watch that is to be separately revealed in a star-studded party at Baselworld 2010. Other Heuer influences in the car will include a TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone and a one-fifth second Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch.

Mercedes Benz Vito EV production to begin this year

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Mercedes Benz Vito EV 1

Mercedes is keen to expand its green bandwagon and the battery electric vehicle Evo is one of its important members. Mercedes has confirmed the production of the first 100 Evo units later this year and if the EV is a success, the German behemoth will manufacture 2,000 units more in the future. The first 100 customers to receive the car are primarily fleet operators and institutions, which are a part of a limited test run. 20 customers will be lucky enough to even get the delivery of the Vito in 2010. The EV Vito uses a 32 kWh lithium-ion battery which gives the commuter an overall range of 130km and it is powered through a 90kW electric motor. The Evo has an electronically limited top seed of 80km/h which is restricted to site urban environments.

Mercedes Benz Vito EV 2

Honda CR-Z Hybrid set for a Geneva Debut

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2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe 1

Honda is ready to delve furthermore on the success of its eco-friendly cars and the next in the line is the CR-Z hybrid which is set for its European unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. The hybrid which promises 5.0L petrol consumption for every 100 kilometers will be powered by a 1.5L petrol engine clubbed with an IMA parallel hybrid system. As a combination the mechanism churns 122hp of power with 128-lb-ft of torque and the economy numbers are promising when the engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission. The exact performance details of the CR-Z are not known but a 3-Mode Drive System will allow the owners to alter the throttle, steering and idle stop timing of the commuter. Sales for the CR-Z Hybrid will begin in Europe later this summer.

2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Pictured in Leaked Brochure, Specs Leak

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2010 Honda CR-Z leaked brochure1

Although announced back in 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda’s CR-Z hybrid coupe has failed to hit the production lines till now. But things may change as today we laid our eyes on a leaked Japanese brochure that details the 2010 Honda CR-Z model regarding its engine specs and dealer options such as an aluminium trim exterior package. Speaking of specs, the CR-Z is being powered by a 1.5L petrol engine that outputs 114hp and a motor unit that delivers an extra 14hp. Power to the front wheels is being sent with the help of a 6-speed manual transmission, which also helps the car reach 100km/h in 9.7 seconds and a fuel efficiency of only 4L/100km (58.8 mpg).

As expected, Honda CR-Z will debut in Japan, next year in February, with Europe, North America and Africa to follow suit.

Breaking: Audi e-tron more expensive than R8!

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If you had to choose between Audi’s R8 sports car or pay more to buy the electric e-tron which would you choose?

Sure, it would depend on a couple of things, but the one that really concerns me is the range. Will the be able to make an electric car with the R8’s performance levels that can literally go the distance. I mean what good is a sports car if you can only go quick for a 100km or so?

We’ll have to wait till about 2012 for the answer to that question when Audi is going to build a 1000 units of the e-tron. Audi reckons it can sell a 1000 of these babys through its worldwide dealer network of about 5000 dealers, but they would make more if the merket wanted it and would make less if nobody waned it…so the 1000 units is only a guesstimate.

Pricing? It’ll be priced above the R8.

Toyota Rumors: Prius Wagon or SUV in the works!

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Toyota Hybrid X Concept

Toyota reportedly has a Prius sports wagon or SUV in works, according to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri . The SUV has been rumored to be on paper ever since the Toyota Hybrid X Concept was unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. There’s not much going on for now in terms of official details, but we’ll have to speculate that the new models will incorporate a regenerative braking system or a solar roof option. More to it, a plug-in version is also rumored to be in the works, but given the fact that Toyota has failed to comment on any of these, we can only assume that next years motor shows in Europe and in Detroit, in the US, will shred some light. [via Edmunds]

note: image of a Toyota Hybrid X Concept