The Toyota FJ Cruiser

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For far too long the American market has enjoyed Toyota’s retro 4×4, which to be perfectly honest is the only Jeep-like vehicle that has caught my attention in a long time. Sensing that perhaps South Africans might be interested in a solid offroad vehicle with great street-cred, they’ve just launched it here. Yesterday in fact. We’ve got all the details and pictures here:


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

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If you are among those who missed out on driving a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport earlier, here’s a second chance. Derbyshire-based car dealer Tom Hartley has one in his possession and the model is up for sale for a price of $3.43 million. This particular model however, differs from others manufactured.


Schumi “Confession” Is False

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There’s a lot of hoo-ha in the British Press at the moment over Michael Schumacher’s “confession” that he is the problem with the German Mercedes GP team. If you haven’t seen the comments yet, here they are, as reported by Top Gear’s online magazine:


Drag Racing Ferrari 458

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It is incredibly ironic, I feel, that you can buy a new Audi R8 with a good old fashioned, solid steel, open H-gate gearshift, but you cannot buy a new Ferrari with the gearshift they helped make the object of boyhood dreams. Well at least my boyhood dreams. Ferrari don’t even make a manual transmission for this car.


Maserati GrandCabrio Sports

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Italians have a reputation for creating beautiful objects. They’re a nation that seemed to sacrifice almost everything for the sake of aesthetics; older Italian cars had a formidable reputation for being undriveable, unrealiable, but one look and you were quite possibly in love.

I should know, I am Italian. Although the most beautiful thing I have ever created was a wooden birdfeeder for a grade school project. But I digress. The motorvehicle over which you are currently drooling is the Maserati GrandCabrio Sports. The GranCabrio was no lay-about, so quite why they needed to make it faster is beyond me.


6-Series Four-Door Gran Coupe

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This is some awesome stuff. We hear BMW’s four-door Gran Coupe based on its 6-Series will arrive in our midst sometime during 2012. An exclusive report by folks at Motor Trend says so.


Porsche 550 Spyder

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Good  news for the automobile aficionados with a tilt towards super luxury cars! A German newspaper has quoted Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller as saying that the automaker has plans to revive its classic 550 Spyder.


Powerful new C-Class

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It looks like if you want something fast and German and muscular, you will have to give Mercedes Benz a call. While their main rivals seem to have gone a bit soft in terms of design, Merc are cranking it up continuously with wider wheel arches, angrier front ends and even more aggressive rear ends.

Have a good look at this, the new Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, to give the car it’s full title. It’s not the first C Coupe Black, that arrived a few years ago with a warning letter to owners asking them to please drive in perfect conditions or else risk certain death. Oh, and sign here so you can’t sue us when that happens.

Full specifications and more details here