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Chris Harris and the all new BMW i8

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Dubbed the ‘sports car of the future’, the BMW i8 has been making a lot of waves lately since it was officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show a while back. So, naturally, the ‘man about cars’, Mr. Chris Harris himself, had to test drive the i8 and see what all the fuss is about.

Chris, who obviously lives in the UK, had specially flown to Los Angeles to take the i8 for a spin. While, admittedly he was quite annoyed with the traveling, his review of the i8 was rather good.

While many have speculated about the power of the i8 (considering it is an electric car) Harris found the i8 to be exactly what it set out to be: a futuristic sports car.

As we know already, the i8 can go on electric power for about 35 kilometers, before the 3 cylinder engine kicks in.

Another interesting fact Chris noted, was that the BMW i8’s final production car is almost a carbon copy of the original concept. Pretty impressive.

Check out Chris Harris and the i8 below:

Source: YouTube