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Corvette Stingray vs BMW i8 – Drag Race

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BMW i8 vs Corvette Stingray

Ah, a classic drag race – there really is few things in life that give us the thrill of watching two, powerful sports cars go head to head in a bid to see who is the most powerful and of course, fastest. However, what happens if you pit a more traditional sports car against it’s modern counterpart?

Well this is what we’re super excited to find out.

YouTube channel, The Fast Lane Car, recently pitted a classic, 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray against the all new, futuristic BMW i8 – and of course, as we all know, the BMW i8 is a hybrid electric car. So will it have the potential to destroy a full on, classic sports car such as the Stingray?

Many people in the automotive world has has doubts about the i8. Is it right to call it a sports car? Will it be able to legitimately compete with the legions of other sports cars out there? Especially the one’s with a rich history such as Ferrari or Lamborghini?

It seems the critics are divided as some argue that that the BMW i8 is most definitely sports car material while other say it is not.

Naturally, a simple way to settle this debate would be to have to take part in a drag race – because that is what all sports cars are built for, am I right?

BMW vs Corvette

So, this particular drag race between an all time classic and a modern, futuristic hybrid electric sports car will naturally be very interesting to watch. The Corvette Stingray uses a solid V8 engine to power itself and the i8 a combination between petrol and lithium-ion.

Who will come out on top?

Check out the video below to find out – you may just be surprised:

Source: YouTube