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First look at the new 2016 Jaguar XE

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It’s still just over a month before the all new, 2016 Jaguar XE will be officially unveiled, but the company has decided to let us have a sneak peek at their latest creation.

The Jaguar XE is the latest to come from Jaguar Land Rover and, as expected, it’s absolutely beautiful.

The XE is set to follow in the footsteps of other Jaguars – the XF and the XJ. But besides taking over centre stage, the XE was designed to compete with some stiff competition in the luxury market. The XE looks set to take on the Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW 3-Series.

And if this one photo is anything to go by, then we would advice those other car companies to sit up and take note.

First things first – this is almost like a headshot of the car. It doesn’t show everything and we don’t get to see the car in its full glory. But , it’s good enough to make  an rather accurate assumption of what the luxury car would look like in its entirety.

The XE in the photo is red, which is a rather unusual colour to be associated with Jaguar. While the red looks, uhm, red hot, we would have preferred to see the XE in a dark, bottle green or perhaps a silver. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful car – at least from the front that is.

The first thing that you notice is the grille. It seems to have the same grille as the XF and XJ, perhaps just a little smaller in size. We do like it however.

2016 Jaguar XE

As for the insides (which is of course more important) the Jaguar XE will have a shell made of aluminum and will be available in either Ingenium petrol or diesel, running on a 4-cylinder engine.

The XE will be manufactured in the UK just like it’s older brothers the XF and XJ.

The official unveiling for the XE is set to take place on the 8th of September in London. Until then, however, we’ll keep our eyes out for more tidbits and sneaky photos of the anticipated XE.

Source: Motor Authority