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GM recalls even more cars

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General Motors

General Motors have announced yet another recall and now, things are getting rather messy!

The company has issued six more recalls, adding to their ever-growing list. The latest recall affected roughly 718 000 vehicles in the US and now brings the total number of recalls to an astonishing 60.

In total, the GM recalls, which are being labeled as the biggest in history, has affected more than 29.7 million cars and trucks over the last few months.

The biggest recall however, which was announced on Wednesday, was for more than 414,000 small SUV’s and other cars. The biggest fault with these particular cars seems to be faulty seats. 

But faulty seats is hardly the biggest issue GM has had to deal with regarding all these recalls, there have been many more, way more serious faults – some even resulting in death.

Other problems of the 29.7 million cars affected include turn signal failures, incomplete welds on seat brackets, power steering failures, faulty roof rack bolts and loose suspension bolts.

One of the biggest (and most concerning) problems of one of the recalls related to a faulty ignition system. Reports claim that this fault has, in fact, been linked to 13 deaths. Not a good statistic and definitely one that will haunt GM forever.

CEO of GM, Mary Barra, is, as you can imagine, under immense pressure to provide reasons for this massive screw up. She has appeared before US congress three time already to discuss the recalls.

The company has also been hit with a heft fine from the Department of Transportation. Back in May, they were fined a staggering $35 million for the recalls – the maximum fine a company can get.

It seems that GM is a boat that i slowly but surely sinking to the ground. Will they ever be able to recover from this? Tell us what you think.

Source: Mashable