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Caparo T1

The Bugatti Veyron’s reign as fastest accelerating supercar seems to have met its fate. The soon-to-be world’s fastest accelerating car has broken cover during the final stages of test and development. The Caparo T1 is a high performance two-seater sports car with highly resolved aerodynamics, which has been designed with the looks and performance of a Formula One race car. The T1’s 500 kg weight and 550 bhp give it a power-to-weight ratio of 1100 bhp/tonne – better than any current supersport motorcycle and approaching that of a genuine F1 car. Continue reading ‘Lightweight Caparo-T1 dethrones Bugatti’

Issue 71 Speed and Sound


Issue 71 of the Speed and Sound is hot on the shelves. This jam packed issue features some of the most inspirational vehicles we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Our cover car hails from the Big Boss Auto stable. This ultra rare two door Golf IV will keep you glued to the pages in amazement and awe. One-off wheels and mesmerizing paint job make this VW something special.

Just as rare is the Topsport tuned VW Corrado, yup, you heard right, a VW Corrado running a turbo VR6 lump with looks to match. It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s here, between our pages in all it’s glory.

In a change from what we’ve grown accustomed to, a box-shape Nissan Sentra Coupe graces us with its presence. Fully customized, inside and out, with a meaty turbo power plant to boot.

Hailing from the shores of Japan but now terrorizing the streets of South Africa, Des Gutziet’s Top Secret R34 Skyline is an absolute monster. I drove with him round Wesbank to give you a first hand account of the raw power this beast possesses.

The tech section gives you the run down of your wheels, just about everything you need to know about alloys.

With a health dose of speed and sound, the ICE section plays host to a supercharged M3 with a killer JL sound install. Neeresh also shows you how to build a wall, getting you in shape for some big numbers.


This months installment of VDUB brings you the carnage that was rounds seven and eight of the GTi Challenge as well as pics from the Krugerdorp hillclimb.

The cover car is a force to be reckoned with: A pitch black MK IV GTi that’s as loud as it is strong, with subtlety being the key.

We test the CiTi-R and the new S3 Audi (hey, it’s VAG – we’re allowed to!) to give you the truth about these well-hyped cars.

The Cape has always been big on styling and Noor’s Mk 3 Jetta is cleaner than Kojak’s head.


Reports suggest BMW will soon offer a three strong line-up of 4×4s - the X3, X5, and a vehicle that will bring yet another new acronym to the market – Sports Activity “Coupé” - in the form of the beefy X6

Spy photographers have managed to capture images of engineers testing the heavily-disguised prototype vehicle. Simultaneously, several artist impressions have appeared on the web, including these ones – which were published by Motor Forecast.

If the spy shots and mockups are anything to go by, the X6 will feature looks that are not too different from that of Mercedes-Benz’s low-slung “four-door coupé”, the CLS. Continue reading ‘Here comes BM’s Big Daddy X’


Dogged by dismal performances, Jenson Button has announced that he may quit F1 if his Honda outfit doesn’t get its act together. Button has denied rumors that he is looking to join another team.

Honda’s latest RA 107 has earned just one point in nine races. That must hurt this talented racer, given the fact that he finished third in world drivers’ championship in 2004 and beat every driver in the field in the last six races of 2006.

This year hasn’t gone well for button. He has been able to start inside the top ten only once, and has a single point with eighth place in Magny-Cours. Definitely not the way Button had expected his racing career to go.

Button said:

There will come a time when I get bored of finishing eighth. I’m in this sport to win and I won’t want to keep on finishing eighth at best, which is what I’ve achieved this season with Honda. To be honest, I’d find it too tough to handle. If this continues then maybe in a couple of years I’ll just call it a day and go and find something else to do.

His Japanese outfit is trying to set things right and has apparently sprung into action. Honda has intensified its recruitment drive. After taking aerodynamicist Loic Bigois from the Williams camp, Honda has also lured Jorg Zander back into the team as deputy technical director.

Hopefully, Honda will be able to solve this problem and send Button back to the top. It’s a treat to watch button on the track. I don’t want to see him go, and I’m sure many people will support me on this.

[Via: Crash.net]

Here’s you chance to get a “live” glimpse of the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X performing test runs in the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany. Apart from the new lightweight and high-performance 2.0-liter turbocharged MIVEC 4-cylinder engine that’s expected to produce around 300 Hp, the new EVO X will also feature a new 6speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission (like Audi-VW’s renowned clutchless DSG gearbox).For hardcore gearheads like ourselves, Mitsubishi will also offer a traditional 6speed manual gearbox -if you’ve driven the EVO you’ll understand why.

Max Power Issue 13

Don’t miss out on our anniversary issue with 16 page mini-mag!


Top Secret GT-R • Wide-body BMW • Bentley GT • Missy Elliot • Max Babe Andrea • Gauteng Motorshow • Ice Drifting • Gremlin’s Conquest • Pontiac Parissiene • JDM Skyline

Available at any good news agent

Bentley Brooklands

In a show of unwavering commitment to the emulation of its own performance and luxury coach building history, Bentley Motorcars has released the Brooklands, a new coupe that picks up where the Continental R left off. That means more prestige, more technology and more power. It delivers all of that in spades: Interior decor includes leather-ensconced foot wells, and the twin-turbo V-8 makes a thunderous 530 horsepower, the highest output of any Bentley to date. Continue reading ‘Another Bentley coupe for oil magnates’

autostyle urban glow

Taking bling to a whole new level, the Isotta Urban Glow range has finally hit South African shores.

ISOTTA, for first time into the automotive market has introduced products with Swarovski original crystals. (Cristallized TM - Swarovski Elements)

The ISOTTA URBANGLOW is made by several car-style products, all completely made in Italy and embellished using original Swarovski crystals. The insertion of each single crystal is made by hand and it requires special material to be well fixed into the correct housing.

Autostyle Motorsport have the following in stock (click to view):
Sports Pedals
Aitken & Naike Gear Shift Knobs
Moon Handbrake Lever Sleeve
Ferrera Sports Steering Wheel

VW Golf 6

As according to VWs plans, development of the next generation Golf is well underway. The Golf VI is being developed to be cheaper to build than the current Golf V, which has had VW management lamenting many ills: the electronics are too complicated and require highly qualified personnel, increasing training costs. The doors and the multilink rear suspension also require complex assembly techniques, leading to production times almost double those of rivals which leads to high production costs. The result is a car which in 2004 generated €900 million less than expected, one of a myriad reasons why VW has considered a replacement much earlier than originally planned. Continue reading ‘Golf 6 draws closer’

Lamborghini Gallardo V8

The Lamborghini Gallardo V8 was caught testing at the Nürburgring race track. As you can notice from the video, the V8 Gallardo will use the same exhaust note as the Audi R8 and the exhaust pipes are smaller than on the V10 Gallardo.

Lamborghini will borrow the current V8 engine from the R8 for a more affordable Gallardo. The new supercar will sit bellow the current V10 Gallardo, but above the current Audi R8. The V8 will bust around 430 hp in the new Gallardo, but with the low weight of the supercar, the performance will be better compared to the R8: 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph.

Peugeot 207 GTi game


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