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Land Rover unveils new Discovery Sport

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Land Rover her brought us a lovely little gift on a Tuesday morning – the manufacturer has just unveiled their all new, superbly sexy and pretty powerful Discovery Sport SUV.

Designed to be an entry level Land Rover, the new Discovery Sport is the new, updated version of what used to be called the LR2 or Freelander. And believe you me, it’s not just the name that has changed. This new compact SUV – as the company describes it – is everything you would ever want, and the some.

First things first, let’s start at the power. The Discovery has a 2.o litre, turbo engine that powers out 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. It’s US version is a 9-speed automatic while Europeans can choose between the 9-speed automatic and a 2.2 litre SD4 turbo diesel six-speed manual (or 9-speed automatic) that clocks 190 horsepower. 

New features on the Discovery Sport also makes it modern and keeps it up-to-date with the latest in car trends. It has an aluminium roof, hood, tailgate and wings and is not as ‘square’ as the original Freelander or LR 2.

The new body is slightly longer and a little lower than the previous version and is way more fuller and curvaceous – which, of course, we are not complaining about.




The inside is just as elegant as you would expect a top of the line Range Rover to be and features some cool new gadgets.

It has a info screen on the dashboard as well as an 8-inch infotainment system right in the middle of the dashboard. Furthermore, the Discovery Sport features improved brakes, a variable-ratio electric power steering system and, surprisingly enough, external airbags.




As for it’s off road capabilities; the Discovery Sport has an enhanced terrain response system which in turn improves its off road performance. It also has 8.3 inch ground clearance with the ability to scale 45-degree gradients with a break over angle of 21-degrees.

The Discovery Sport is the first instalment of the new generation Discovery – and if this is merely the first, we are pretty sure it can only get better from here!

The Discovery Sport will ship in January 2015 and is proved at $37 995.

Source: CarBuzz