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Mercedes-Benz manufactured more than 1 million cars in 2013

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Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Not only do they make exceptional quality cars, but they also sell a lot of these high quality cars. And, of course, in order to sell so many, they would need to produce many.

2013 seemed to have been somewhat of a Golden Year for the German car company. According to them, 2013 saw Mercedes-Benz breaking their all-time record by manufacturing a whopping 1.49 million cars in 2013. That is definitely not a number to joke about.

While their not sure yet as to the amount of cars actually sold, a spokesperson for Mercedes said that they expect it to be upwards of 1.4 million. 

The great number in manufacturing and sales is thanks to a number of important model introductions.

Firstly, the CLA-CS was a triumph, especially in the US. Another model that received an update this past year and also proved to be popular was the updated E-Class.

It was Mercedes’ newest baby, the all new S-Class that not only caught the attention of car critics worldwide, but also buyers. The S-Class definitely proved its worth and popularity by winning over people worldwide.

The S-Class is being churned out like butter; Mercedes said that 460 S-Class vehicles are being produced per day!

If 2013 is anything to go by, we can just imagine what 2014 will be like for Mercedes-Benz. Also on the horizon for 2014, is the 2015 C-Class and the 2015 GLA-Class that will be placed on the market later this year.

The company also plans on expanding various manufacturing plants this year in Brazil, Alabama and Germany.

Happy New Year, Mercedes! We’re sure it’ll be a happy one.

Source: Motor Authority