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Nissan Juke ‘Trophy’ Ad Creates a Buzz

Published by on Nov 10th, 2010, No Comments

There are some extremely interesting ads that are making an appearance on YouTube, highlighting the glories of the Nissan Juke. With a tag line that says ‘Shift the way you move’, Nissan is changing more than perceptions of movements with this one. Postulating that the car has origins that are good enough to hail back to the stuff that urban legends are made of, the story of the Nissan Juke is told in vivid graphic style, and seem to be made by a hardcore Tron fan.

The ads are shot in the style of the high action movies from Hollywood, and are packed with car chases, and adding to the thrill of the action is the well paced audio narrative. Sure to set a Nissan buff’s pulse racing, the videos seem to be creating a new style of marketing cars.

The ‘Trophy’ ad that elaborates on how the Nissan Juke came to have a unique center console, which is reminiscent of a motorcycle fuel tank, takes viewers on a ride, which encapsulates the journey of urban predator and prey – featuring a contest of superiority between a motorcycle and the Juke.

Viewers are hooked by the elaborate chases and the stunts – including one where the car follows the bike off the roof of one building onto the next. Ultimately, the Juke prevails, and adorns itself with the spoils of the victory, the trophy – which is embedded in between the two front seats as a motorbike-fuel-tank and now functions as a center console.

The ads are sure to appeal to enthusiasts across the gamers-action flick-car buff demographic, who are already playing and replaying the YouTube video. Check out the video below: