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Chrysler Firepower in the worx!

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British buff mag CAR reports that the Chrysler Firepower concept car is looking more like a legitimate production possibility.

With speculation rampant that Dodge is going to give the Viper a serious power boost (think 650 HP) for 2008 — an idea bolstered by sightings of Diamondback Viper test mules — the thinking is that Viper’s move upmarket opens up room for a new performance coupe to take its place in the battle against the likes of the Corvette.

The HEMI-driven Firepower would certainly fit the bill while also providing Chrysler dealers with a serious traffic magnet for their showrooms. If a production version retained the concept’s blend of performance with luxurious interior appointments, it might make for a very interesting ‘Vette alternative, indeed.

Of course, as we said, it’s all speculation — speculation that becomes more fun, however, when you consider that Chrysler honcho Tom LaSorda helped fuel it himself back in January.

Stay tuned.

[Source: CAR Online via]

2007 Defender unveiled

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Land Rover
The Land Rover Defender is the longest surviving SUV, and it soldiers on for 2007 with some important enhancements to its interior and powertrain. First off, the Defender still looks the same way it always has, which is to say utilitarian and square. The only exterior change is to the hood, which receives a new profile to fit around the Defender’s new 2.4-liter four-cylinder CRD diesel engine. The new motor puts out 120 hp and 265 ft-lbs. of torque, and a new six-speed gearbox with a lower first gear and higher sixth gear improve responsiveness while rock crawling and highway cruising, respectively. The Defender’s dash has also been completely redone and features bits and pieces from the LR3, a more powerful HVAC system and an improved stereo system with AUX-IN jacks and high-mounted tweeters. Seats have also been upgraded and for the first time the station wagon model can be ordered with a third row of seating.

Tons more pics of the 2007 Land Rover Defender and an official press release with more details can be found after the jump.

[Source: Land Rover]

Oh, Daddy!

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Since we were young, high pressure has been put on that final prom dance. One key factor of the night’s sure success, is getting there in style…

Limo Exterior

Hands down your The Pimp Daddy once you roll up to the carpet in a hiked up Bentley like this one. Fully kitted bar, televisions and smooth interior, for you and say about 20 of your friends! That’s what I call a propper start to the evenings proceedings.


Taking care of business

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Inc. of Ottumwa, Iowa, has made car crushers for four decades. The company’s Impact V car crusher employs a four-guidepost system that applies force evenly across a vehicle that is to be crushed.

“Most car crushers have one guidepost right in the middle,” explains Curt Spry, sales manager. “We have one on each corner. That distributes the crush so you get the flattest, tightest car you’ll find in the industry.” The Impact V sells for $137,000 (R870,000)and comes in a single configuration, with the only option being either a John Deere or Cummins diesel engine.

Car Press

Crushers should enjoy robust sales as long as scrap prices remain high, manufacturers say. An unexpected development is tied to Hurricane Katrina.

“We are currently selling a lot of these machines to help in the cleanup of the hurricane,” says Spry. “There are supposed to be a half a million cars to be recycled down there, so they are going to need a lot of car crushers.” For More


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1 series

This is going to be the ultimate sports-hatch by packing an extra 50+ bhp over the current BMW 130 or VW Golf R32.

Munich would love to call the car M1, but that would take away the glory from the legendary late 1970’s M1 supercar, so the range-topping 1-Series will have to do with a 135ti badge on the rear, hinting to the sophisticated 3.0-litre turbo engine delivering no less than 306 bhp!

It’s just been presented in the 3-Series coupe and should be able to turn the 1-Series into a real cannon ball on wheels.

Zoopedup GP breakfast run to Harties

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Yes you read it, GP is getting into gear and running to good old Hartebeesport dam on the 27th August.

We will be meeting at the Fourways Mac Donalds @ 8.30 am and will be rolling out at 9. Bring your friends and family for a relaxed run to the dam and to grab a bite to eat for lunch somewhere at the dam.

So to break it down for ya:

Date: 27th August 2006
Meeting @: Fourways Macdonalds (opp Fourways mall)
Time: 8.30, convoy rolls out at 9

More info about this event

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Peugeot’s Big Black Dazzling Cat

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The point of a concept car is to explore new ideas and to test those ideas in an attempt to create the ultimate solution. It’s about turning dreams into reality. The Peugeot 908 RC evokes passion and imagination allowing us to dream… but it has a serious side too….

The original idea was to create a limousine with an imposing style that offered its four occupants a new driving sensation. The final design, however, is an uncompromising car that combines dynamic performance, comfort, luxury and environmental protection. In short, it is an exclusive four-door vehicle that will capture the imagination of both occupants and onlookers.

The 908 RC is powered by Peugeot’s V12 HDi DPFS (diesel particulate filter system) diesel engine designed to take part in the “Le Mans Race Series” program in 2007.

The engine has a 5.5-liter capacity and offers a level of performance unprecedented for a diesel engine, with a maximum power output greater than 700 bhp. The engine’s center of gravity is as low as possible and uses a 100° V angle architecture. The compact 6-speed electronically controlled sequential gearbox has been specially adapted to withstand the phenomenal torque, and is located under the engine.

Hog Seat for Die-Hard Addicts

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If you’re done looking for adventure after riding that Harley all day, come home to your crash pad and flop down on this motorcycle chair. With its leather-ish seat padded deep to quiet down that hyper-vibrated ass, the leather-tasseled biker bags hanging on armrest/wheels will make you feel right at home.

That eagle on the seatback is vaguely reminiscent of Harley-Davidson, but not quite the same thing. Even so, it’s a great piece of furniture for bikers who have motorcycles on the brain even when they’re asleep.