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Lamborghini Lappies

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PC Magazine reviews the Lamborghini-branded Asus VX1, filling the entire writeup with terrible automotive journalism cliches. They do compare it to the iTronix ruggedized Hummer Laptop, and last year’s Acer Ferrari Laptop. Predictably, with its 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo T2500 and Gig of RAM “Under The Hood”, it’s faster than both. Although, in their defense, the tough Hummer can probably get dropped on its grill without flinching, and the newer Ferrari notebook we wrote about will probably have enough “horsepower” to keep up with the Lambo “off the line”.

Question, dear reader: If a Macbook Pro was a car, what car would it be? Comments!

Cars in the Park – Zwartkops

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Hot Rod with a flame paintjob
On the 6th of August 2006 the Gauteng leg of Cars in the Park was held at Zwartkops Racetrack, a few kilometers out of PTA. For those of you who dont know what Cars in the Park is, it is a show of the true beauty of old skool rides. From cadillac’s to ss camaro’s, mustang GT’s and Cobra’s, they were all there showing off and reminding us of their glory days when petrol was cheap and everyone rolled with 6.6 litre v8’s under their bonnets. (more…)

2 more races till 3 year 'engine-freeze'

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The FIA and the GPMA have finally reached an agreement regarding the proposed 3 year engine-freeze in Formula 1.

Max Mosley - FIA

It was initially proposed that the engine-freeze would be put in place as of 2008 but that the manufacturers will be forced to revert back to the engine specs they had as of the end of the 2006 season.
This would entail that manufacturers would essentially be wasting money on any engine development that takes place during the 2007 season.

Max Mosley of the FIA and Burkhard Goeschel of the GPMA (Grand Prix Manufacturers Association) reached an agreement to put the freeze in place as of the Chinese GP, giving teams only 2 more races to develop their engines further.
The reason behind this is said to be a cost-cutting initiative.

So, the engines used at the Chinese GP in a few weeks time will thereafter remain the same until the start of the 2009 season, where the FIA plans to introduce technical regulations that are designed to promote energy-saving techniques into Formula 1.

The only changes to the engines that will take place will be where the FIA deems it “fair and equitable“, or in 2008, when manufacturers will be forced to retune the units down to an imposed rev-limit of 19,000rpm.

At this rate, CarBlog may have to start looking for another F1 reviewer because if things continue in this downward spiral, I’m guaranteed to lose interest in the sport.

Fabian E Schoonraad

Red Bull confirm Coulthard and Webber line-up in 2007

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Red Bull Racing has confirmed today that David Coulthard will continue to drive for the team in 2007 and that his team-mate will be Mark Webber.

Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner
I’m very pleased to be able to confirm our driver line up for next year. David has continued to lead the team well and demonstrate the form he showed during 2005. This season he achieved the team’s first podium in Monaco and has shown commitment, determination and motivation to deliver at the highest level in Formula One. It was therefore an easy decision from both sides to extend the relationship for 2007. He’s still one of the best drivers on the grid and we’re delighted to have him in the team.

Looking to Mark, we chose him for a number of straightforward reasons. One, he obviously has undoubted speed and ability, and two, he appears to have the determination and motivation needed to succeed. We’re entering an exciting new phase in the short history of Red Bull Racing and Mark was an obvious candidate for us. He’s got a good track record in F1 and we’re delighted to have secured his services for next year. We believe that together he and David will form a very solid partnership, which will give us one of the strongest driver line-ups in the field.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christian Klien for all his hard efforts for the team over the last two seasons. He will remain a Red Bull Racing driver until the end of the 2006 season, and we will continue to give him all the support that we can during that time.”

David Coulthard
I’m delighted to continue with Red Bull Racing for a third season.
I can feel that the team is really beginning to gel as a group. I’m looking forward to raising the performance of the team and the car and to see Red Bull Racing become a regular points scorer, in with a good shout for achieving podiums and wins.

Mark Webber
It’s fantastic to be joining Red Bull Racing. It’s clear that the team is very hungry for long- term success, it has a very talented group of personnel and there seems to be a real sense of team spirit and unity. I believe I’m joining the team at exactly the right time for success in the future.

After I left Jaguar Racing at the end of the 2004 season and discovered that Mr. Mateschitz was taking over the team, I said that I felt the team had been placed in very good hands and had an assured future. As a team, it seems to be very realistic and knows the challenge that lies ahead. I hope to bring good experience to the team and to assist it by being a fast and consistent driver and scoring as many points as possible.

I hope that with Red Bull Racing I can have my best F1 season to date and believe that we can be very, very strong together. I’m looking forward to some great times with David and the rest of the Red Bull Racing team.

Press release
Red Bull Racing

Fabian E Schoonraad

Villeneuve out of F1

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Jacques Villeneuve is officially out of a race seat after a joint agreement between himself and BMW for his contract to be cancelled, effective immediately.

Jacques Villeneuve

JV will hand his race seat over to Robert Kubica for the remainder of this season. The team has not yet officially announced its official line-up for 2007 onwards.

BMW Motorsport Director, Mario Theissen, said, “Jacques has performed well for us this year, scoring the Team’s first grand prix points in Malaysia, He has made a significant contribution to developing the newly formed BMW Sauber F1 Team and the performance of the car. However, after Jacques’ accident in the Hockenheim race the team decided to review its options for next year, including assessing Robert Kubica in a race environment. Our decision to look towards evaluating our driver line up has naturally impacted Jacques’ position for the remainder of this season. We fully understand that it is difficult for Jacques to maintain his natural level of commitment in circumstances of uncertainty. We respect his position and wish him well for the future.

Jacques made a statement as follows: “Last week, the Team informed us of its decision to review its options for next year, including assessing Robert Kubica in a race environment at Hungary without offering me any assurance about my race seat beyond Hungary. Therefore, the Team and I agreed to part ways with immediate effect. This is really disapointing as I was looking forward to working with BMW on longer terms – going into next season capitalizing on our common experiences. I will now have more time to concentrate on future projects. Finally, I would like to thank the Team, especially my engineers and the Team’s sponsors with whom I have had real pleasure working with in the last year.

Jacques is expected to comment on his future some time during the course of next week.

Fabian E Schoonraad

Cops drag KZN racers away

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A major blitz aimed at ridding Durban of illegal drag racers swung into action at the weekend as police cracked down on reckless and drunken drivers.

Whitehouse, the notorious drag racing spot near Phoenix, was targeted by a massive SAPS Accident Unit, Metro Police and Road Traffic Inspectorate contingent, who cordoned off the entire area before swooping on the drag racing fraternity.

The no-nonsense approach to illegal car modifications and unroadworthy vehicles adopted by police took many drivers by surprise, with 92 car licences being suspended, 16 being impounded and five people being arrested. One vehicle suspected of being stolen was found… carry on reading
Credit Patrick/ IOL.co.za

Grow Out Your Mullet: Chev's Camaro to Return

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The Freepers say it so it must be true: Chevrolet will, at long last, confirm it’s building the Camaro concept as a production car. According to the paper, Rabid Rick Wagner will get the honor of announcing the news at a speech next week in Traverse City, which may or may not involve him dressing up as Joe Dirt and yelling, “This croc ain’t no puppy!” Sources say the new pony could arrive as soon as 2008, with a choice of three engines, including a V6 and two V8s. The company’s Steve “Run to the Hills” Harris would only confirm that top management and board of directors have greenlighted the car.

BMW Prototype Revealed

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Several pictures of a BMW prototype codenamed Z29 have been revealed. Most possibly this car is the alleged Z5 that was approved for development in ’99 to compete against sports cars like the Porsche 911 and the Honda NS-X. Unfortunately, this 2 seater coupe with its impressive Lamborghini styled doors, never found its way into production as BMW preferred to evolve it to the more subtle Z4 Coupe. tssk tssk.

Although the Z29 formed the basis for today’s Z4, there are several differences between the two. Thanks to it’s lightweight carbon monocoque chassis and the aluminum front and rear modules of the body, the Z29 weighs a mere 1.160 kg. The Z29 wears the M3’s 343 Hp 6cylinder engine, which gives it an impressive power to weight ratio. According to a German magazine, 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.4 seconds and the Z29’s top speed is 270 km/h. I like it!