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Give Gasoline the Finger

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This isn’t the latest news, but the facts still remain that BMW has the world’s fasted hydrogen-powered car – the H2R. Hell-bent on being eco-friendly, the car is capable of exceeding 300km/h – plenty fast to get around town in style, and unlike most hydrogen-powered vehicles this one doesn’t use fuel cells, but a modified 6-liter 12-cylinder combustion engie for its propulsion (can you say Vuuuck sakes!). The cars power unit produces in excess of 210 kW, races to 100 km/h in just six seconds and essentially emits nothing but steam… Shew!

Screw you Sheik, I’ll take one in black please…

Top Gear's Top Spot Snatched

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The Koenigsegg CCX, my new favourite car, posted a new lap record on the UK Motor Program Top Gear a couple of days ago (28 May). The CCX, driven by the nutorious Stig, achieved a lap time of 1.17.6, slashing the previous lap record of 1.18.4.

Before I witnessed the record lap (which you can download here (1.9MB) I fell in love with this car – it is just so hot right now!

Koenigsegg CEO commented that “We have once more demonstrated to the world that Koenigsegg stands for absolute performance” – “This is a very prestigious record which was watched by approximately 250 million TV viewers” – almost as many people who read this blog 😉

Top Gear has previously tested all competitors to the Koenigsegg, which makes the record even more spectacular.

Porsche Cayman pimped

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German specialist tuning company TechArt took a Porsche Cayman S to the gym to give it some more extreme muscle power. The result is the TechArt GT Sport… carry on reading

Canary Wharf Motor Show – London 2006

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I recently travelled on the Docklands Light Rail to one of the biggest manufacturer motor shows in London recently. After a 30 minute trip I arrive at the Canary Wharf DLR Station and walk out to see standing before me, the new sexy Golf V R32. What an awesome start to a long day of sexy cars and new innovations in the motor industry! There were a few new Vw’s including this new one with some strange name to suit its strange look. The car didn’t interest me that much so I won’t go on about it… carry on reading

Zooped Blogger

Kimi still undecided…

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Kimi Raikkonen has come out to say that he still hasn’t decided what the future holds for him.

Kimi Raikkonen

With rumours of pre-signed contracts with Ferrari, stories of movement to Renault and tales of sticking with McLaren, Kimi’s career seems to be up in the air and his decision will likely be the news event that the entire paddock is waiting to hear.

When I know exactly I will tell, but so far there is nothing to tell,” Raikkonen told reporters.

Everybody thinks that they know what I’m doing because one week I’m going to Ferrari, next week Renault and then staying here.

It’s funny to read in the newspapers what everybody comes up with but I’m in a good position.

Kimi added that his priorities are not just financial but also that he wants to race for a winning team.
This sheds a little light on the fact that he will likely move away from McLaren, due to the poor reliability of the car over the last 2 seasons.

Of course, I want to have a car that’s winning but it’s not just that,” he said.

There’s also many things which might not sound big for someone else but for me it makes a difference in the end.

Whatever my decision, hopefully it will be the right one.

Fabian E Schoonraad

"Ama Ferrari-Ferrari" Team Joins F1 Mid Season

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Ferrari Formula 1 racing team recently fired the whole pit crew to employ a few young lads from Soweto. This sudden reaction came about due to a television documentary showing how young Sowetans could take off a car’s wheels in under six seconds without any fancy equipment.

Ferrari soon regretted their decision, as the young men not only changed the wheels within six seconds, but twelve seconds later the car had been resprayed and sold to the McLaren team! Ferrari was still eager to compete in the Grand Prix and, since they no longer had a formula 1 car to race with, the young Sowetans suggested using a minibus taxi, complete with an experienced (yet unlicensed) driver and fare collector.

Of course they easily won the championship, since the minibus weaved it’s way through the starting grid, seting off before the lights changed and didn’t bother to change the tyres when they wore out. It also took all the corners at maximum speed, as the brakes were nonexistent. On the way to victory the new “Ama Ferrari-Ferrari” team also managed to hi-jack several competitors cars and pick up 35 passengers at some notoriously dangerous spots, including blind rises as well as chicanes.

150,000 spectators rocked, boogied and cheered the minibus to victory as it blasted six thousand watts of rap music for the entire 77 laps of the race. We can be proud of yet another South African sporting achievement which will put us at the forefront of sporting history.

FIA ban BMW's "twin towers" body

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The FIA (Formula 1’s governing body) have banned those horrid eyesores that BMW used on their cars in Magny Cours during the last race.

BMW Twin Towers

Looking like two hideous monoliths, the aptly named “twin towers” were banned by the FIA after it was agreed that it contravened Article 2.3 of the Technical Regulations, which relates to features that could compromise safety.

It was decided that the monstrosities, aside from being visually painful to the viewers, also interfered with the vision of the driver, impeding his ability to view the entire track efficiently (especially during cornering).

A recent note to all teams, written by the FIA’s Charlie Whiting, warns that front bodywork may no longer be fitted higher than the top of the cockpit.

BMW are taking the ban in their stride, commenting that, “We respect the FIA’s decision to ban such elements,” but added that the FIA had been consulted even before the wings were even tested.

I, for one, am ecstatic with this particular development….

Fabian E Schoonraad

The Man With the Gold Rules…

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Laurence Tureaud, better known as Mr. T, was an actor mostly known for his roles in the 1980s television series The A-Team and as boxer Clubber Lang in the movie, Rocky III. In the series, he played Bosco “Bad Attitude” (or “B.A.”) Baracus, an ex-army commando on the run with three others members (in their modded GMC truck) from the US government for “crimes they didn’t commit”. He is famous for his trademark Mohawk-style haircut and for the many gold chains he wears around his neck. His catch phrase, “I pity the fool!”, comes from Rocky III, where he played a boxer facing Rocky Balboa in a match. When asked if he hated Rocky, he replied, “I don’t hate Balboa, I pity the fool.”

It is my belief that Mr. T infact saw the Bling Era before it arrived with his OTHER famous quote: “I believe in the Golden Rule — The Man with the Gold . . . Rules.”

The A-Team van was a 1983 G-series customized by Universal Studios Prop Dept. The engine was a 350 cid with minor modifications done mainly to the carburator and exhaust system. The wheels are turbine style 15″ painted black with red accents with P235/65/15-fronts and P 275/65/15-rears. The main color is semi-gloss black-bottom, semi gloss dark gun metal grey metal flake-top with red striping. Other mod’s included a quad headlight conversion, full front brushbar, fog/driving lights, exterior sun visor (pimp!), quad square exhaust tips (each side in front of rear wheels), and custom made rear wing. Interior was custom-white naugahide bucket seats, shag carpet, and custom gun case in the back (Guns were Ruger Mini 14 stainless steel ranch model with side eject and paratrooper folding stocks-two were modified for full automatic). If you look carefully you’ll see 3M grip tape all over the roof for scene’s where stuntmen jumped onto it. It also had ‘beefy shocks’ air shocks in the rear-to improve handling. Scene’s burnouts were done by spraying bleach in front of and onto the rear tires which creates billowing grey smoke and helps it to spin the tires. The van (one of the six used for the show during its run), still sits-rotting on the Universal Back Lot, paint faded, for tram tourists to photograph – too bad, I wouldn’t mind one!