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Sistine Chapel to be used for Porsche event

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Sistine Chapel

Where do you go if you want to have a super exclusive, terribly expensive and one-of-a-kind event – and you are a luxury auto company? Well, why not a place that is decorated with priceless art, in a city known for its rich culture in a venue that has never been used for public events ever?

That place would be the most Holy place on Earth – the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

This is the location for a utterly exclusive and super expensive Porsche event. The automaker has announced that they are holding an event in the famed Sistine Chapel as part of a 5-day trip through Italy.

The event is essentially a classical music concert that includes a formal dinner and private tour of both the Chapel and the Vatican Museums. 

The music concert will be held in the Chapel itself and will the be followed by a dinner where guests will dine amongst some of the greatest, priceless artworks in the world, painted by the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael.

The event is part of the Porsche Travel Club’s 5-day tour of Italy that also includes a 2-day driven tour of the Lazio region and of course of the mighty Rome itself.

As you can imagine, the price tag for this tour is not cheap. Not at all. According to Porsche’s website, tickets cost $5,900 and $6,400. Which, for us, toughly translates to between R65,215 and R70,742. Which is probably small change for those who are part of the Porsche Travel Club.

Pope Francis must be a fan of Porsche, or the company has some serious connections at the Vatican to have an event held in the renowned Chapel. Never in its incredibly long history has the Sistine Chapel been “hired out” for events such as these.

However, this does not mean that anyone can now rent the Sistine Chapel. A spokesperson for the Vatican told the Religious News Service that the Chapel is most definitely not for rent:

“The Sistine Chapel can never be rented because it is not a commercial place,” he said.

Well, this Porsche event is sure to be a once in a life time occasion. Anyone have a spare R70 000 lying around?

Source: Motor Authority