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Tesla Model S bought with Bitcoins

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Well if this isn’t an indication that the world is becoming more and more digitalized, then I don’t what is.

The New Port Beach Lamborghini dealership in California has just announced that they have sold their first car – a used Tesla Model S – to a customer who paid for the car using Bitcoins.  (more…)

Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – June 2013

Published by on Jul 19th, 2013, No Comments has released yet another interesting and useful infographic to shed some light on the automotive scene in South Africa.

Last month, we published their infographic on May 2013, and now we bring you June’s numbers. It is quite interesting to compare the two; has he automotive scene picked up or has it dropped over the last month?

In May of this year, the total amount of new car sales in the country reached 53 997. This month, the figure came freakishly close to May’s number, clocking in at 53 562.

South Africans’ favourite cars have basically stayed the same, with a little change up in the ranks:

Top 5 Most Popular New Cars in South Africa (June 2013):

1. VW Polo Vivo

2. Toyota Hilux

3. VW Polo

4. Nissan NP200

5. Chevrolet Utility


The Top 5 Motoring Brands in South Africa has also basically stayed the same, with a slight change in rankings:

June 2013:

1. Volkswagen

2. Toyota

3. Ford

4. GM

5. Nissan


For more interesting facts and figures, check out the image below:

Cars motoring infographic June

You can also go have a look at the infographic for May 2013 to compare the two.

Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – May 2013

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cars publishes a monthly motoring report in the form of an infographic.

This infographic details the South African automotive scene.  (more…)

FOE Survey Concludes Price Not an Influencing Factor for Commercial Vehicles Purchases

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As per a recent survey conducted part of the WesBank-sponsored Focus on Excellence Awards, it turned out that reliability is the biggest factor that influences the purchase of both medium and heavy commercial vehicles. More to it, looks like the price was listed as the sixth most important factor amongst buyers of medium commercial vehicles and the ninth most important factor for buyers hailing from the heavy commercial segment.


The FOE Survey clearly indicates that recession hasn’t got much to do with the declining sales of vehicles belonging in this segment, as buyers are looking for reliability and after-sales service more than anything. But could it mean that automobile manufacturers are going to focus on these things from now on to get their sales up again, probably not! Other important factors include the easy availability of spare parts, brand loyalty, product quality, low CPK, longevity of a product, performance, value for money, dealer network and the driver’s comfort.