Citroen DS3 the Getaway Car

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Citroen DS3

Don’t expect a blue light and a middle aged detective to step out of this animal. Citroen is about to rock its roots. The new DS3 with built in Bluetooth and GPS is fit for the now generation. Packed into a sleek package, the DS3 looks like a German/Italian super model. The DS3 exudes French elegance, sophistication and performance artfully blended in a world class auto. Tailored upholstery and state of the art dash put the driver in a cockpit, ready to fly. And fly you will with your choice of gasoline or diesel fuel generating 91 to 152 horse power.

Citroen Revolte Concept Official Images

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The Revolte Concept from Citroen, a throwback to the 2CV, has been a matter of great confusion since no one is thoroughly sure whether it will ever make it to the production floor. The images of the concept have however broken cover and it looks like a premium sporting hatch which will borrow some traits from the Citroen DS3. At the front the small beast gets the updated Citroen grille, small headlights and a honeycomb lower face. The rear doors on the sporting hatch  open rearward which maintain the C-shape form of the car at all times. We will have to wait until the Frankfurt Motor Show kicks off next week, before we know more. [via WCF]

Citroen DS3 Convertible Speculated

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We are not sure whether this gem of a car will actually be taken of the veil at the Frankfurt Motor Show but if Citroen is planning to surprise everyone, it will be worth being at the Citroen corner. Although the Citroen DS3 Convertible (better known as the DS3c) hasn’t been confirmed by the French company, car chopper
Theophilus Chin has come up with an amazing rendering of what the roof-less DS3 would look like. And we’re completely drooling over the images in here …

The speculation is that the Citroen DS3 will arrive in two diesel and three petrol variants. While the diesel ones will produce 90bhp and 110bhp the petrol units will churn 95bhp, 120 bhp and 150bhp.


Citroen Takes on BMW

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Finally a straight challenge for the Mini has been released; it’s called the Citroen DS3, and its Citroen’s version of the legendary Mini. Unfortunately Citroen SA has not yet approved the car for import, so for now we can only hope it will reach our shores soon.

The new DS line will have three versions to choose from, although the other two will only be released at a later stage. For now the DS3 will be available in one of five CO2-efficient Euro V engines, two of them diesel and three will be petrol, with the latter being co-developed by BMW. The two HDi diesel engines will produce 90bhp and 110bhp and will have Citroen’s DPFS, which stands for diesel particulate filter system. The three petrol engines will produce from the VTi 95bhp and 110bhp, and the THP will produce 150bhp. (more…)

Citroen DS3 Details before Frankfurt

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Remember the Citroen DS3 concept car from the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The big news is that the car is ready to roll out from the production lines and will be debuted at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the all-new CS3, the DS3 measures 3.95 metres in length and 1.71 metres in width and it will go on sale around March next year. There will be three petrol options available under the deck with the base model producing 95bhp, the middle one churning 120bhp and the top model capable of producing a good 150bhp. Also, there will be a couple of diesel motors producing 90 bhp and 110bhp. The transmission options will include five or six speed manual or there might also be an automatic choice. As a Citroen C4 driver … I’m somehow charmed with the new DS3. How about you? [via autocar]

Citroen Berlingo Multispace, the Seven Seater

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Citroen just made their Berlingo Multispace seven-seater, official in UK. The petrol or diesel powered Multispace VTR features either the 1.5i 110 hp engine or the very unimpressive 1.6 HDi 90 hp model (that’s a heavy vehicle, don’t you think?). Since that’s the perfect vehicle for a family with kids we don’t really think anyone will buy it for the power, but more like the 3,000 liter trunk that you can host everything you need for a 2 weeks vacation. And if we’re talking about “back” room, the last two seats fold down and there’s an additional 650 liter space. As for the looks of the seven seater Citroen Berlingo Multispace, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

GTbyCitreon: PS3 Concept to Life in Limited Edition

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It is the holiday season and the virtual world junkies are sure to be having a ball by kicking back on their couch and working overtime on their Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360. If you are a fan of PS3’s Gran Turismo5, then the GT might be very well a reality for you very soon as it is rumored that Citreon could soon produce 20 of these 3000 pound concept cars. The prototype of the GT is already in existence, but its is nothing beyond a cool futuristic car sketch and Citreon intends to breath life into it with a 782 horsepower fuel cell to power it on. With the auto world in neck-deep crisis, the chances of this happening though look pretty bleak for now.

Citroen Hypnos Concept, Waits for Paris

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Only 1 month ahead of the Paris Motor Show, we have a lot of concepts bursting like popcorn. The French from Citroen are preparing the new Hypnos Concept (is that from hypnosis, are you feeling hypnotized?), another great model when it comes to its design. Built as a crossover with BMW X6 flavor, it has the elegance of a saloon and the space of an SUV, which is great.

The new Citroen Hypnos is going to focus very much on lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and the company managed to do so even if it uses a hybrid 200bhp(147kW) engine – 4.5 liters/100km and 120g/km of CO2. Looks great so if you’d like to know more, let’s wait till the begging of October for more info.