Citroen C6 Office

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Do you remember KITT? Who doesn’t. Apparently Citroen is trying to get some fans turn heads at their new C6 Office model. Actually this is a rolling style project that should get the European business overlords turn their heads when it will debut in Cannes at the Film Festival. From here it should be present at the Fashion Week and then the Auto Show in Paris.

The car was built with the help of many. Kenwood and Blackberry worked on tech, Alcantra worked on the interior and the “Black Shadow” finish that covers the exterior surfaces, while Parotech was in charge of the wheels. Wait till October to see more about the new Citroen C6 Office, because it’s big and flashy.

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Citroen 2CV Concept Design

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We all know that the French manufacturers are trying to win clients with their designs, but something like that? This is a Citroen 2CV Concept design by David Portela who is trying to make the old, new again. The design got my attention mainly because of the lines and the shiny color. Inspired by the original car and the aeronautical world there seems to be a mix of the 40-50s style and futurism that makes the 2CV look really cool this time. That model would be a great gift for the 2CV 60th anniversary. I just hope Citroen will contact David Portela to help them design it.

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New Citroen C3 Picasso MPV

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At first we called it Minispace and then we called it StreetLounge but now we know for sure that the C3 based minivan from Citroen will adopt the Picasso name. It will be first seen by the eyes of the mere mortals that don’t work for Citroen, at the Paris motor show. But until then let’s review some of the tech details, shall we?

Citroen C3 Picasso MPV

We will have a 4.08 m long MVP, 1.62 m tall and 1.73 m wide with a luggage compartment that will hold up to 500 l. It will be presented in 4 engine options: 2 turbodiesels 1.6-litre HDi, one with 90 bhp, the other with 110 bhp, and two petrol, 1.4-litre, generating 95 bhp, and the top-of-the-line 1.6-litre, rolling out 120 bhp.

Since it uses the Peugeot 207 platoform, the new C3 Picasso will be produced in South America, especially in Brazil. Actually the Brazil model is a 206 with a 207 front end and better suspensions. Neat trick Peugeot pulled out of their hat.

Let’s hope they will pull out a trick to make the C3 Picasso to be sold.

New Citroen C4 – Facelift and New Engines

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It seems that 900.000 C4’s sold in 4 years is not enough for Citroen. They want more, and they intend to have more by giving us a few improvements to the good old C4.

Citroen C4 facelift

On the outside you will get a curvier car, with a front end that mimics the C5, a touch of chrome, a few new body colors and alloy wheels are other ingredients that complete the outside look recipe. As for the inside, velor or leather can cover the interiors and the rev-counter will now be in the center of the dashboard. With the new C4 Citroen will introduce their new “MyWay” navigation system with a hi-res 7-inch color screen.

As for the engines, the 1.6i 16V and 2.0i 16V will be replaced with two new engines co-developed with BMW. Both will have a displacement of 1.6-liters, the first is a normally aspirated 120hp Vti with Variable valve lift and Timing Injection whilst the 150hp THP (Turbo High Pressure ) engine comes in at 150hp.

Pretty nice, huh?

Citroen C2 1587 Brutale

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Citroen C2 1587 Brutale

As a Citroen owner I must tell you always enjoyed their sporty versions. Take the Citroen C2 the VTS, for example. Lots of horses under a very small hood. But wait, because they’ve built a C2 1587 Brutale Special Edition inspired by the famous Italian bike, Brutale 1078 RR.

What you should expect is a VTS 1.6L engine that sports 125 hp, a pearl white and black color scheme on the outside, while on the interior there are perforated alcantara seats, a Brutale logo, black leather with red stitching and a dashboard with a carbon fibre trim.

It was presented at the “My Special Car Show” in Rimini, Italy and to be hones the new Citroen C2 1587 Brutale sure looks pretty aggressive to me. How about you ?

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New Citroen C5 in Brussels

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Citroen C6

Now that the Detroit Auto Show ended, it was time for some Brussels fun. Citroen unveiled (quietly) their new C5 model. It was expected in Frankfurt last year, but you know how they say it … better late than never. Enough with talking because the new Citroen C5 is not only gorgeous but looks very sportier, too, which puts it in top of the M2 segment of mid-upper range saloons with other cars like Ford Mondeo, Renault Laguna or the new Opel Insignia.

The new C5 is going to use the same running gear we know on the Citroen C6 and will give the buyer a choice for a Hydractive 3 Plus suspension system or a metal suspension for a stiffer ride. It should be available from September 2008.

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New Citroen C8 Facelift, Early 2008

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A new facelifted Citroen C8 is ready to be sold early this year and will come with better engines and improved styling features. Lets start with the looks. The large MPV features enlarged chevron motifs in the centre of tauter radiator grill lines, more pronounced grille rim, chrome door handles and painted body protectors. With the restyled front end and rear chevrons and with translucent lights, the new Citroen C8 is much more imposing than before. It has a 2.82 meter wheelbase and can hold from 225 litres to 2,948 litres of cargo, or up to 8 people in three rows.

New Citroen C8 facelifted

Inside, there’s more black than before on the door wood trims, the steering wheel, the dashboard arch, the mats and the carpet, while the small chrome finishings on the door handle, gear lever and air vent creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Now that you can have it visual in your head I think it’s important to know that it uses the new Hdi diesel engine that Citroen has on their C5 and C6 models that gets 173 bhp (125 kW) and 273 lb/ft of torque at 1,500 rpm and has a 6-speed manual transmission. There will also be a 6-speed automatic transmission (for some countries only) later this year.

New Citroen C8 restyled

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