Jaguar F-Type finally gets a production go-ahead

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The Jaguar F-Type has been a model seeking production approval for around 12 years now considering that it was first showcased as the XK180 Concept in 1998.

Since then, the financial crisis crippled the prototype’s future and Jaguar rightfully decided to dump the project but it was back in 2008 as insiders from Jaguar started talking about the production of the F-Type once again.

Jaguar F-Type 2

Under the new ownership of Tata, the good news is that the F-Type will finally be developed as a driver-focused sports car which will feature top of the line engines and technologies.

What is more, the closure of the Jaguar UK plant has been sped up and China and India will be home to the new company factories in the not to distant future.

However, it does remain uncertain whether the F-Type will be rolled out of the UK facility before its closure.

Toyota FT-86 Launch Delayed to 2012?

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Toyota FT-86 Concept 5

The fate of the Toyota FT-86 Sports Car hangs in the balance as Toyota has decided to postpone the production and launch of the vehicle for another two years. The exact reason is not yet known but the speculation is that Toyota is not happy with the concept designs.

Also, if Toyota goes ahead with the production and unveils the car by next year, the financial scenario will not be ideal and hence it cold result in poor sales.

Toyota had plans to team up with Subaru a couple of years back but then again, the economic situations made Toyota put the project on hold. Toyota still went ahead with the production in 2009 and even unveiled a concept at the Toyota Motor Show in the same year. Now again, the design has been rejected and the hopefuls will probably have to hang around for a couple of years.

We want Toyota .. we want!

MINI Beachcomber Concept Headed to the Production Floor

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MINI Beachcomber Concept 6

There is good news for the lovers of the benchmark MINI as there is further scope for the expansion of the lineage as the Beachcomber concept that was showcased at the 2010 North American International Auto Show might be headed to the production facility. For the records, the concept was a preview of the Countryman Crossover and it featured removable doors and a canvas roof. While the production isn’t a 100% certainty at the moment, the enthusiast are still hopeful as MINI’s Global Brand Manager Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht has mentioned that they need to assess the business basis for this specific MINI model.

Land Rover LRX Compact SUV Ushers a New Era for the Brand

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We are so accustomed to talk about Land Rovers as typical all-wheel driven commuters that a Land Rover running on a front-wheel drivetrain sounds like a real novelty. It has never happened before for the brand but under the new owner, we will soon see an LRX Compact SUV coupe which is slated to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Land Rover LRX Concept 6

Hitting the production floor early next year, Land Rover will first unveil an AWD version of the LRX while the novelty (FWD) shall hit markets sometime later. Land Rover is keen to reduce fleet CO2 emissions and the front-wheel driven LRX will look to do that for the brand. As far as the AWD version is concerned, it will get a 185 bhp rendering 2.2 liter diesel engine which will be mated to a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission.

Toyota Readying FT-86 based Compact Roadster

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Toyota FT-86 artist rendering

Toyota might be the highest automobile manufacturing brand in the world but even then it needs to fill the void in the compact roadster segment. Instead of raising or developing a new platform altogether, Toyota is thinking on the lines of manufacturing a less-expensive version of the FT-86 sports car. The touted model will be a rear-wheel driven commuter with a front-mounted engine. It will be powered by Toyota’s very own 3SZ-VE engine which is a 1.5 liter 4-banger with 109 bhp power output. The current FT-86 sports car which has been developed together by Subaru and Toyota is expected to go on sale soon.

2010 Suzuki Concept Kizashi Turbo, The Red Monster

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2010 Suzuki Concept Kizashi Turbo 1

Not sure about you chaps, but for me Suzuki is by no means associated in my brain with turbo engines and extreme power. Well, that’s about to change as I just saw the 2010 Suzuki Concept Kizashi Turbo — a car that made its public debut on April 30th on the Speed Channel’s Test Drive program. It was nicely painted in red, and I learned that under the hood now there’s a tuner supplied 16G turbocharger added to the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine (originally doing 185bhp) that brings 100 more horsies to the powerplant, for a good 290bhp. What else can you wish for? Apparently a high-flow intercooler, an extreme spray injector, a blow-off valve and a velocity air intake to polish this diamond. I just can’t take my eyes off of it …

Volkswagen Milan Taxi Concept Revealed

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Volkswagen is thinking seriously about greener public transport options and an important step is the showcasing of the Milan Taxi concept at the Hanover Trade Show. The Taxi concept targets space optimization and all eco-friendly options which could make such taxis popular in big cities like NY and Moscow.

Volkswagen Milan Taxi Concept 1

The Taxi concept has a single sliding door that opens to the pavement side. The door extends partly into the roof and slides forward to the point of reaching the A pillar. The Milan Taxi is reflective of VWs future design elements including the elimination of the radiator grille and the incorporation of a transparent crossbar between the headlights. Also, there are two eight-inch touch screens on each for the passengers and the driver. We expect this concept to turn real somewhere in 2013.

SAIC Leaf Concept Detailed

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SAIC Leaf Concept 1

Do not confuse the Nissan Leaf with this because this concept comes from the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. The original name of the concept vehicle is Ye Zi which means ‘leaf’ and this concept probably gathers energy for mobility from the surrounding environment. Amazingly, the Ye Zi isn’t just a leaf in the name; the concept vehicle is shaped like a leaf too. Interestingly SAIC Leaf isn’t a zero emission vehicle but a negative emission automobile and SAIC will have to explain that bit in detail. The car body is itself made of metal-organic framework that can absorb CO2 and water to generate an electric current and oxygen.