Toyota Prius G Sports Concept Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon

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Toyota Prius G Sports Concept

Toyota’s Prius is now a popular name across the globe as it was one of the first green cars that went mainstream and even registered record breaking sales. Embarking on that success, Toyota now plans to extend the lineage and the latest addition is the Prius G Sports Concept that was unveiled at the Auto Salon in Tokyo. The concept is blessed with design traits that make the car aerodynamically sound and fuel efficient at the same time. The G concept houses the same 1.8L 4 cylinder engine which is found in standard Prius. Features like a revised bumper and side skirting, LED Daytime running lights and a dual exhaust system is what separates the concept from the basic model. The interior is also a tad different with RECARO sports seats, a revised steering wheel, info display, aluminum pedals and a black piano trim.

Honda Unveils a New Compact Concept in India

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Honda Compact Concept India 6

Honda has upped the competition by introducing a new compact car concept, just when Toyota introduced its Etios hatchback and sedan at the Auto Expo 2010. Honda doesn’t have a name for the car yet, but it’s confident that the concept will roll out from the production lines by 2011. Auto Expo staged the world premiere for the car (a global model, they say) which comes with special changes to meet the demand of the Indian customers. It has five-seats and three doors and has been designed on the principle of ‘Man Maximum-Machine Minimum’. Courtesy of the wide platform, this compact car concept offers plenty of cabin space.

Suzuki R3 Concept MPV breaks cover at the Auto Expo

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Suzuki R3 Concept MPV 1

Few years back, no one talked about the Auto Expo New Delhi, but since India is the next big market to automakers, this year’s event has gained a lot of importance. For India MPV is still a rarity and the first of its kind to make its debut as a concept was the Suzuki R3 which was designed in a modest time of nine months. The R3 comes with six individual seats and those seats can be folded away to increase the cargo space. There are no sliding doors to be found and the rearward opening doors making things easier for the passengers. The exterior is boxy and it has a bulky rear portion. At the fascia is a combination of high-intensity lighting with LED accents and the LEDs can also be found at the back. The engine choice is still a mystery but that will gain importance only if Suzuki is keen to take this MPV to the production facility. The prototype has an engine that is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept Supercar

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lamborghini ankonian 2

Designer Slavche Tanevsky is the guy guilty for coming up with this amazing & aggressive concept car. Dubbed Lamborghini Ankonian, the vehicle is meant as an upgrade to the famous Lamborghini Reventon and continues with the stealth fighter jet inspiration (already becoming a habit for the Italian manufacturer) for coming out with a pimped version of a Batmobile. Make it a radar-evasive car and take it to the production lines, that’ll make our day. [via fubiz]

The most electric day ever: Porsche to offer hybrid Panamera

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It’s official – Porsche will offer the Panamera with a hybrid drivetrain. The company confirmed the at the LA Autoshow.

The vehicle will most likely go on on sale in 2011 and will probably not be offered in 4wd guise. Lots of rumours are floating around regarding which system will be used, but the general consensus is that it will not be using the system we’ve seen on the Cayenne.

If all today’s hybrid announcements are anything to go by Porsche will have a host of electric spares to choose from when it raids the VW group’s electric/ hybrid parts bin.

The most electric day ever: VW up Lite concept

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This is up Lite concept from VW. It is Lite on fuel. Using only the faintest whisker of fumes of fuel to go on to a consumption figure of just over 2 liters per 100km.

How? Well the name kinda gives it away. Weighing in at only 695kg it really is Lite. It weighs as much as a stack of feathers because of the extensive use of Aluminium, Carbon fibre and lightweight batteries.


The most electric day ever: Audi e-tron sales to start 2012

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Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin. All pioneers in the field of electricity and all of them would’ve been very proud of today’s happenings on the Automotive front.

As you may or may not know the LA Auto show is on at the moment and the main theme is electricity and hybrids. It seems as if every car maker used the show to announce their very own zero emissions aspirations.

First up is the Audi e-tron. While we have all seen the red version a couple of months ago, Audi brought along a butt-ugly orange version for the LA show. What we didn’t know till now was that Audi is planning to sell the e-tron from 2012.

Some of the stats are truly unbelievable like the torque number of 4500 nm of torque! Acceleration is awesome too with 100km/h coming up in4.8s and 60km/h-120km/h takes only 4.1s!


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Mercedes SLS gullwing – nice.

Nissan GTR – nice.

Mclaren SLR – nice.

Now imagine someone deciding to take the SLS, give it some kind of GTR “gaping mouth” and for good measure give it the dropping nose treatment of the SLR.

WHAT? This isn’t just a bad idea, but someone actually decided to take that idea further and make a virtual design study of such an abomination.

The guilty party – MEC Design. Let’s hope they don’t build this thing.

Source: MEC Design