Saab Fashionista, Green 2+2 Sport Coupe

Published by on Apr 30th, 2009, 2 Comments

Taking inspiration from the designs of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel, Saab Fashionista is a green concept sport coupe that is based on the Chevrolet Volt. Designed by a fourth year design student at Creapole-ESDI — Mayeul Walser, Saab Fashionista is probably hiding a range-extended electric powertrain under the stylish bodywork. And can you see those nine-spoke blade-like carbon fiber rims? A pretty amazing concept nevertheless, our main concern is that Saab and their GM parent company may not be in business by 2012, which would mean that the appealing design may never leave paper. [via Autoblog]

Hyundai Blue Will Concept Unleashed

Published by on Mar 26th, 2009, 2 Comments

All set to make its official debut at the Seoul Motor Show, the first few details of the new Hyundai Blue Will Concept are out already. The plug-in petrol/electric hybrid car utilizes a 1.6-liter petrol engine along with an LG li-ion battery-powered 100 kW electric motor for all its power. With dye-sensitized solar cells built into the glass on the roof of the car (just to add juice to the battery), it’s bound to get all the attention of clean-fuel lovers. In addition to solar power, headlight bezels made from a material obtained from recycled plastic soft drink bottles and a biodegradable cover on the engine ad interiors, there is absolutely no doubt who Hyundai is targeting with this one. All set to steal the show come April 2; the Blue Will aims at greener future for automobile industry.

Geneva Preview: Hyundai HED-6 ix-ONIC Concept

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Hyundai is going to reveal the second generation of their Tucson and we already managed to get our hands on some pictures and details. Dubbed Hyundai ix-onic the SUV concept will feature an “eco-friendly” 1.6-liter engine that outputs 173hp and 149 grams of CO2 per km. Expected to change name when mass produced – rumors call it Hyundai iX35, among the stylish details you should expect some futuristic lines (resembles with a Ford front?) and an elegant wrapper. We’ll know more when it hits the floor in Geneva next month. We’re game … [via]

BMW 5 Series GT Concept

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There is a car that puts an accent on “driving experience”, but won’t compromise on looks or specs. I’m talking about the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Concept, that is a Progressive Activity Sedan. Some sort of mix between an X6 and a luxurious 7-series, the comfortable four door four seat coupe is definitely designed for the fashion-conscious. Not exactly in love with the front grille but it’s definitely interesting loveable if you consider the lavish interior and the amazing glass roof. Strange , yet eye-catching, we’d love to get behind the wheel for a quick drive.

Corvette Stingray Concept

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According to GM Global Design Vice President Ed Welburn, the Corvette Stingray Concept is a design exercise that will play the character “Sideswipe” in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. As weird as it may seem, the car was introduced to the public at the Chicago Auto Show and although it looks amazing there are no plans to make it to production. Sure looks like a chick magnet for us, but it’s just a … movie character. Isn’t it? Check out the movie and let us know what you think.  [via WCF]

Mercedes BlueZero Concept: In urgent need of a nose job!

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There is absolutely no reason why eco-cars have to be ugly, but the design of the all new BlueZero and its premature unveiling much before the Detroit Show point towards something seriously wrong with the company. The joint effort of Mercedes and Li-Ion battery experts Evonik Industries, the BlueZero is set to be introduced in three categories. The BlueZero E-cell has range of 124 miles with an all-electric drive, the F-cell with fuel cell has a range of 249 miles and the E-Cell Plus tops of at a range of 311 miles with its combination of electric drive and gasoline engine. But it is the front end design with what looks like an ‘ugly nose’, which needs urgent attending to. Decent performance but horrible design- what were you thinking Mercedes?

Volvo S60 Concept sports a Grand Entrance Ahead of Detroit Auto Show

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One quick initial look at the Volvo S60 and you have to be impressed with the ultra-modern design, cool futuristic look and flowing contours that are borrowed from the company’s racing experience. The company has given the car a Scandinavian look with LED lights that inside the headlamps designed to reflect the image of two miniature Viking longboats sailing side by side. The entire car has a wonderful sporty look that suits perfectly well for the modern road, while the unique new pedestrian safety system allows the car to apply automatic brakes when someone jumps in front of the car. Safety with sizzling curves… S60 delivers big time.

Possible first look at the BMW CS Concept

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If these indeed are the first spy shots of the BMW CS Concept, which the company said was not up for production then many might be left more disappointed than elated. The ‘CS Concept’, which was showcased at the 2008 Shanghai Auto Show, is a four door luxury sedan with plenty of space in the inside, aggressive front end styling, a sloping rear and a powerful BMW engine to drive it on. It still looks highly unlikely that the CS, which is more of a precursor to the future production model of BMW, will actually ever hit production. Any guesses on what the pics are guys? – via