Mercedes E-Class LWB Spotted in China

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2011 Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase 2

Long Wheelbase premium models are fast becoming popular in Beijing amongst the multi-millionaires that hail from the growing Asian markets. Bearing this demand in mind, Mercedes is unveiling the LWB version of its Mercedes-Benz E-Class in China and one of those automobiles were spotted outside the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. Mercedes is rolling out this LWB edition in collaboration with Beijing Auto and the model will likely be dubbed the Beijing Benz E300L. The LWB E-Class is 7mm shorter in height than the standard model but the overall length is 14-centimeters longer. [Images by]

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe 2010 – Test Drive

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Last week, I was invited by Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart to take part in the company’s brand workshop. We’ve been taken to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, then to their design centre and at last, to the test grounds in Malmsheim. That’s where the real fun was. And why do I say that? Among driving a lot of new models in Mercedes’ new lineup, I got behind the wheel with the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe 2010. It was a diesel Mercedes E350 and boy was the drive fun — sorry guys for taking it to the limit, didn’t know we’re not allowed :)

So here’s an official video with the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. It’s a really neat monster, don’t you think?

2010 Mercedes E-Class Sedan Styling Kit by ATT

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ATT Styling Kit for 2010 Mercedes E-Class Sedan 3

The 2010 Mercedes E-Class W212 Sedan has just got better looks thanks to a new styling kit by German tuners Autotechnik + Tuning (ATT) that promises to bring the “pleasant original deluxe-sportster” looks that would take your eyes away with its aerodynamic changes. Speaking of changes it brings new spoilers at the front and back, front grill (that we don’t buy in, with the empty circle), and side skirts, with exhaust pipes hidden under the rear spoiler, for €6,452. On top of that, for another €3,869 you’re getting new 9×20″ or 10.5×20″ alloy wheels (that we don’t buy in) and Hankook S1 EVO high performance tires. A bit too much, don’t you think …

Lumma Tuning Kit for the Latest Mercedes E Class

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Tuning house Lumma has a special affinity for the Mercedes-Benz brand. This time, the German tuner has come up with a tuning kit for the new E 50 CLR which is based on the Mercedes E Class 212. The exterior receives a new stainless steel mesh grille to begin with. Other changes include a front bumper spoiler with daytime running lights and side skirts with fenders and side vents.


On the rear, the E 50 CLR gets a lip spoiler, a redesigned rear bumper and a trunk lid spoiler. The overall ride height of the car has been reduced by 25mm and the commuter gets 20-inch racing edition wheels. On the inside are aluminum milled pedals, suede floor mats with Lumma crests and a 300km/h speedometer. The petrol engine has been upgraded to 450 hp with 550Nm torque courtesy of the V-Max assistance. The diesel variant is blessed with a D-Box to experience a 20% performance increase.

Brabus "Pimps" the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

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The recently launched Mercedes E-Class Coupe just got an upgrade package from the wicked tuners from BRABUS. Running on a beefed up 6.1-liter V8 engine (from 5.5-liter) that outputs 462 hp (340 kW) and 615 Nm (453 lb-ft) of torque, the new Mercedes-Benz E500 features a billet crankshaft, larger pistons, and special four-valve cylinder heads with custom camshafts. With a stainless-steel quad exhaust systems and a stylish exterior that sweats power from every little joint, BRABUS sure managed to amaze us this time. So does the $40,000 price that they’re expected to cash in to making the new E-Class Coupe the most bad-ass kid behind the block. [via WCF]

The First Mercedes E-Class Coupe

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We’re not going to encourage you to hate 56-year-old Siegfried Möller from Bremen, but boy this guy deserves it. Why? Because Mercedes just delivered him the very first E-Class Coupe to come out of the factory lines. It’s a palladium silver E500 with an AMG sports package that forces the 5.5l V8 engine to output nothing less that also features an Intelligent Light System, and the COMAND system. “I have been driving Mercedes-Benz vehicles for over 25 years and my father was also a Mercedes customer. Now I’m looking forward to driving my new E 500 Coupé for the first time,” Siegfried said. What an amazing vehicle … [via WCF]

New Mercedes E-Class Sedan For $49,475

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Isn’t it nice to see that the new model of a car is being sold for less than the current version? I’m talking about the new 2010 E-Class range and the E350 sedan, in particular. Apparently the good folks from the States are going to get their hands on one for $49,475, which is $4,600 lower than the original $54,075. And they have the same offer on the E550, which will cost you $57,175 — which is $2,500 lower on the base price. That sure looks like a great one if you’re a Merc fan and have some cash sitting in the bank for a new one.

W212 E-Class Tuning Program from Carlsson

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We’ve always been impressed with what tuners from Carlsson come up with, but the latest W212 E-Class Tuning Program definitely proves as a disappointment for us. Maybe it’s the 20-inch wheels or the side lines that got our negative vote, but bottom line we’re not going to buy it (as if we’d afford it – haha).

Expected to be showed off at the 2009 Bodensee Tuning World Auto Show in Germany, the “upgraded” W212 is going to feature a vertically-running LED daytime lights, a stainless steel mesh grille, a redesigned front apron, while the rear got an integrated diffuser, a spoiler and some interesting steel tailpipes. However, there is something we like about it. The interior. It features a set of brushed aluminum pedals, Alcantara leather, a white illuminated Carlsson logo and aluminum door locking pins that charm you at a first glance. [WCF has more details]