Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari not impressed with EDM DJ’s ‘Purrari’

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Ferrari makes beautiful cars, this we know. And it is (of course) very evident that they are very proud of the beautiful cars they produce. However, they have also made it clear that they do not take well to people, albeit Ferrari owners, making a ‘mockery’ of their cars.

The Italian automaker has lashed out at famed electronic music producer, Deadmua5, after the DJ wrapped his Ferrari 458 Spider in a somewhat unusual wrap.

The Deadmau5 Ferarri, which he dubbed the ‘Purrari’ was wrapped in a Nyan Cat theme. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Nyan Cat, it is an internet meme that exploded all over the net and is seen as somewhat of a pop culture sensation. It’s basically just a pixelated cat, flying through space, leaving a trail of rainbows behind him… yes, we know that sounds ridiculous.  (more…)

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Confirmed

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The Ferrari F430 replacement — the 458 Italia Spider — has been so very special with its unique and appealing design, that Ferrari has confirmed that the Modena-based facility will actually produce it. The company has announced that the 458 Italia is schedule to begin shipping in the second half of January, but the Spider version should be expected for anything less than a couple of years.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari 458 Italia sports nothing less than 570 hp and 540Nm of torque, which helps it achieve a top speed of 325km/h. Considering the figures on the 458 Italia model, the drop-top with all this goodness will be a serious contender in the supercar market. [via]