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Racing tribute: Corvette GT1 Commemorative Edition Unveiled

Published by on Mar 17th, 2009, No Comments

General Motors is in a mood to celebrate its supremacy in the GTS class of racing and it does by releasing the Corvette GT1 Commemorative Edition— paying a tribute to the famous Z06 and its dominance on the speedy tracks. Available in coupe, convertible, and Z06 models, with the famous yellow or black pattern, these are limited edition goodies that appeal with aesthetics more than sheer improved performance. While few modifications have been made under the hood for a performance boost, the Commemorative Edition seems more like a showpiece aimed for those who are fanatic about the Z06 and Corvettes. [via Jalopnik]

GM Camaro with dual-mode hybrid drivetrain

Published by on Feb 4th, 2008, 2 Comments

GM Camaro - front

You guys will have to decide if you want a muscle car or one that would consume less and less fuel. But wait, why don’t you head to General Motors because they may release a dual-mode hybrid Camaro that should follow the new fuel-economy rules adopted in December. Apparently GM assigned a team to do all these, but I have to wonder, would a hybrid car be able to still offer performance?

“You can’t kill something that was never approved,” said one GM official, who asked for anonymity but who confirmed the rear-wheel-drive projects are now dead. I think it may go live. What about you guys?

via TheCarConnection