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ICE Power FM Modulators

Published by on Feb 15th, 2008, 5 Comments

ip-m101fm-wince.jpgHow cool are these! – We’v just stocked up on these nifty FM Modulators. They plug into your cigarette lighter and give off an FM Signal (you can choose your signal) . You then tune your radio to this frequency and you should be hearing what is playing on the FM Modulator.

All of these include remotes. The entry unit has a USB Stick input while the higher end one has a built in 1gig memory as well as USB stick support. The 1gig model is my fav and the one i’m using. Simply connect to your PC via USB (cable supplied) drag & drop your files, disconnect and hook up in your vehicle.

Another added bonus is the audio-jack input, this allows you to plug in an mp3 player, iPod or similar music device and it’ll playback through the same FM frequency.

IP-MP3FM – this one only supports USB memory sticks

IP-M101FM – this is the 1gig built-in memory unit.