2009 Jaguar XJ Announced

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The new 2009 Jaguar XJ has been mentioned in a press release these days. Apparently the company is trying to make it even better as if the all-aluminum sedan with V8 power under the hood would need anything new. With newly designed seats for better leg room, standard seat heaters, a soft grain leather interior, some amazing 20-inch wheels and new side power vents, a rear aero spoiler and a full width chrome ‘signature blade’, the new Jaguar XJ is certainly going to keep its sporty flavor. Prices start from £44,599 for the XJ Executive 2.7-litre Diesel and go up to £57,760 for the XJ Super V8 4.2-litre Petrol.

And just to prove a point that Jaguar wants to be kinda eco-friendly … “The diesel demonstrated its credentials last year by covering 1000.2 miles on a single tank of fuel – the average consumption hitting 53.5mpg which equates to 139g/km of CO2″. Not bad, huh? Now all you need is the cash to buy it. – via Autoblog

Jaguar XF-R: Sizzling in spy shots!

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There is no doubt that the official release of the next generation Jaguar XF-R is sooner than later, but it seems that the XF-R right now is not the best kept secret in the auto world. The sizzling red hot car with vents on the hood, large bumper air intakes and quad exhaust has been snapped pretty extensively in spy shots with Jaguar having a problem keeping it under the mask. The XF-R follows the thread marks of the highly successful Jaguar SV8 XF and is slated to sport a 5.0 liter, direct-injection power plant supplying more that 500 hp. While the SV8 XF sports a 4.2 liter, 420 hp engine, the new XH-R could way beyond that while still keeping in line with the Jaguar class and royalty. – via WCF

Audi A8, W12 Quattro, 2008

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A friend of mine who writes car reviews found himself in a game of oneupmanship with a friend of his. My friend was given a Jaguar Super V8, 2008  to review. His friend drove an Audi A8, W12 Quattro, 2008.

The Audi won if for no other reason than the base sticker price. The Jag goes for $95,000. The Audi has a sticker price  $140,000!!!  Of course, that price includes

$6,300 for the Bang & Olufsen sound system  

$3,200 for the 20-inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires

$2,500 for the Palace Blue exterior paint

$2,100 for the adaptive cruise control

$1,500 for the rear-seat refrigerator

$790 for solar sunroof

$200 for heated steering wheel

$1,700 for gas-guzzler tax

My friend, Bill, tells the story of when he was in China. He was being driven in a Red Flag Chinese car on a road with no speed limit. The speedometer was tick-tick-ticking to the far right at about 220kph. Thinking to himself that he was going to die if the driver lost control he looked out the window to keep himself distracted. Suddenly, an Audi went flying by. Perhaps it was a predecessor to this 6.0 liter, 12-valve, 450 horsepower 2008 Quattro.

Oh, to own an Audi.

2009 Jaguar XKR Portfolio coming to Geneva

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2009 jaguar xkr portfolio

Here is another beauty that comes to Geneva this March, 2009 Jaguar XKR Portfolio. It’s an upgraded version of the Jaguar XKR we knew with bigger wheels (20-inch “Selena” alloys), better brakes, a unique Shadow Grey metallic paint with contrasting milled aluminum side-vents and a glowing interior.

Now that I mentioned the interior of the 2009 Jaguar XKR Portfolio, it comes with gorgeous charcoal with cranberry twin-needle topstitching or ivory with slate stitching leather seats so that you can relax while you drive. Now if you’re a fan of audio setups then this one is for you:  525-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

It’s official as you read.

via AutoBlog

New Jaguar XF Rolls Out of Production Line

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First Jaguar XF

Since Ford is trying to sell Jaguar and Land Rover, yesterday’s roll out of the first Jaguar XF model is being seen as a huge step for the company. The company needs to torque up interest and success of Jaguar if it hopes to find someone interested enough to buy out the company.

The XF that was first to come across the production line at the Castle Bromwich plant in the U.K will be donated to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust collection where it will be proudly displayed along side other memorable Jaguar models.

Jaguar XFAfter being the first to drive the new car, Jaguar founder Sir William Lyon’s grandson stated; “The new XF is a car that truly represents the core values which have lain at the heart of this great brand since its foundation in 1922 and I am thrilled to have been asked here today to witness this historic event from the best seat in the house!”

The Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury car/sports sedan that will replace the S-Type in the Jaguar lineup. The production version debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and it is expected to reach market in March 2008.

[Source: AutoUnleashed]