Nissan GT-R Terminators for JoBurg/Tshwane Police Force

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Lawbreakers and miscreants in the South African towns of Johannesburg and Tshwane are in for a bad time. The Metro Police Departments of these towns have just received six spectacular Nissan GT-R Terminators. These are known to be among the most efficient patrol cars that exist on the face of the earth.


2012 Nissan GT-R Details Out

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The 2012 Nissan GT-R has been detailed with a new bumper in front, complete with LED daytime lights, a change in the posterior – and a change in the diffuser, the vehicle is equipped with Hyper Blue Black Chrome wheels.


2012 Nissan GT-R Likely To Drive In This year; Leaked Image Surfaces

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Leaked image of the 2012 Nissan GT-R is up and running in the web and the car is expected to be unveiled later this year. This comes about two months after some spy pictures had revealed one of the two Nissan GT-R prototypes doing some tests at the Nurburgring circuit (in Germany).


Track Club Edition of the Nissan GT-R on Offer

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A joint project by Nissan, motor-sport division NISMO, NOVA Engineering and Nordring tuning has enabled the availability of a Track Club Edition of the Nissan GT-R. This offer is only for the Japanese market and sources say applications are being accepted until September 20.


Elgrand, King of Minivans, Announced by Nissan

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The third generation Elgrand for the Japanese market has been announced by Nissan, which calls the vehicle the ‘King of Minivans.’ The model will be out in Japan later this month. The vehicle is due to be out in the US market in early 2011, and will be known there as the Nissan Quest. In the US it will be on the same platform as the Elgrand, with certain stylistic differences.


Nissan Leaf pre-orders on the rise again

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Interest towards the Nissan Leaf has suddenly surged, after a brief lull. Though there had been lots of interest for pre-order, there had been a fall in numbers as time went by. However, the Leaf is seeing a comeback in interest. The car maker is said to be steadily jacking up more potential sales though not in the same tempo as it used to be earlier.

Nissan Leaf

According to Nissan, Leaf’s pre-order status in the US market place which stood at 13,000, plus an additional 6,000 in Japan, has now gone up to more than 15,000 in the US. It looks like more US buyers are ready to shell out $99 as reservation fee to be in line to drive the initial batches of the Leaf.

It may be also noted that the pre-orders for the Nissan Leaf in the US and Japan combined would stand somewhere well over the 20,000-levels. In case you are interested to know what color is being most sought after, market analysis says that around 29 percent of the recorded pre-orders have chosen the Aqua Globe vehicle while the one with Silver hues comes in as the second most preferred at 26 percent.

Nissan Leaf Sold Out in the US

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Nissan Leaf EV 1

The popularity of mainstream electric cars is on the rise and a good example is the soaring demand for the Nissan electric vehicle LEAF. Nissan has decided to produce 12,000 LEAF models for the year 2010 and in US alone, the number of bookings is 13,000. Add to this, the 6,000 LEAF models booked in Japan and this implies that the LEAF has been sold out in the US for this year. This is one of the first green commuters that has the potential to go mainstream unlike the Toyota Prius which was too heavily priced for a layman. The LEAF features an 80kW electric motor and it is powered by laminated lithium-ion batteries that give the green automobile a 99mile range on a single charge.

Nissan Leaf Finally Gets a Price Tag

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Nissan Leaf 1

Nissan’s all-electric commuter LEAF is eagerly awaited around the globe and the big news is that its pricing has been officially announced. Slated to compete against the likes of the Chevy Volt, this green commuter will start selling in the Europe by the end of this year. The Netherlands pricing has been fixed at €32,839 (including sales taxes) while the Portuguese and the Irish will pay €29,955 for it. The English will pay even lesser for this affordable electric automobile at £23,350. As per Nissan, the LEAF may look like some simple family car but it will be a surprise package once people start getting behind its wheel.