Tata Nano

Tata Nano Bursts into Flames

Published by on Mar 24th, 2010, 3 Comments

Tata Nano on fire

If you think that cars like the Tata Nano were to reduce global warming, think again, as a model burst into flames while on the move. The rear portion of the car that houses the engine was all up in flames, luckily its driver Satish Sawant from Mumbai, India, managed to get out of the car. Satish was made aware of the burning rear portion by a motorcyclist as he himself has no clue about the fire. Small cars with an engine at the rear are more prone to such problems and reference can be made to the original Abarth 500 where the owners had to ensure that their trunk was always propped open to avoid overheating. [Image via IndianAutosBlog]

Tata Nano EV debuts in Geneva

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Tata Nano EV 1

The world wants to see the smallest ever car and Tata is at the Geneva event with an electric version of the Nano. Sure Tata is no global automobile manufacturing giant but, it does want to capture the world with its electronically powered vehicles where Tata Nano EV will make a beginning. Set to go on sale in Europe next year as a 20102 model, the Nano EV will use the batteries which also power its Tata Indica Vista EV. Overall, the Nano EV headed to Europe will be 20 centimeters longer and it will sport better suspension along with anti-lock brakes. The Nano EV will probably have a 0 to 60km/h dash timing of less than 10 seconds and an anticipated range of 160kilometres.

Tata Nano EV 2

Tata Nano to Cost More in the US

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Tata Nano Europa 1

Tata Nano impressesed with its inexpensive price tag in India which made it cheapest car in the world, but over the other side of the globe, in the US, Nano will not be able to stick to its cost effectiveness. The obvious reason is that the Nano will need to undergo a number of changes to become drivable on American roads — like we mentioned last time. It will require a longer front end and even the engine will have to be upgraded to match the emission standards. On the inside, Tata Nano will require airbags, changed seats, sturdier roofing and an improved steering wheel.

The car did meet the crash test standards in Europe but the specifications are slightly different in the US. Tata Nano which has already been showcased at the Detroit Auto Show costs a modest $2500 in India but with all these changes incorporated, it will hit the $8,000 mark or may be even more.

Tata Nano to Debut in the US in 2011

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Tata Nano Europa at Geneva 2009

Tata Nano has got some good publicity at the North American International Auto Show and from what we hear, the Indian small car is expected to debut on the streets in the United States by 2011. With a 624cc petrol engine with just 2 cylinders that produces 33 horsepower, Tata Nano manages an amazing 65 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and should go North of $2,200. However, the only issue about the Nano is that it may not meet the safety measures imposed in the US. Now only if they’d bring it to South Africa, isn’t it?

Breaking: Tata Nano for Europe

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Size doesn’t matter, its what you do with it that counts. It seems Tata has taken it literally and tried to do the most it can with their smallest new member.

The problem is that while the little fella has had to go through so many changes to make “Europe friendly” it has had to become 2 times more expensive than the price of one in India.

The European pricing structure has now placed it in competition with a whole host of other vehicles offering much more space and are closer related to real cars than dinky toys.


Tata Nano Available in the US by 2011, Costs $2,300

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There is no news the one of the most hyped vehicle on CarBlog is Tata Nano. For thoose looking for more news regarding availability, markets and prices, we just learned that the mini-car is going to be available in the US by 2011. Priced somewhere close to $2,300, the Nano features all the basic necessities of motoring, including a 624 cc petrol engine with 33 horsepower, three exterior color choices, and a folding rear seat. Of course that won’t get you AC or other “luxuries” like assisted braking or fog lights, but it’s still a good deal if you only need it to get to work. Of course Tata is working on getting emitions and crash standards at accepted levels for the US, but for now Tata Nano is officially going on sale in India to 100,000 owners that will be selected via a lotery. [via]

Tata Nano Officially Launched in India

Published by on Mar 23rd, 2009, 2 Comments

After all sorts of drawbacks in the last 18 months, world’s lowest priced car— Tata Nano, has been officially launched in India. Finally! Priced at 1 Lakh, or 100,000 Indian Rupees ($2,000), the company expects to produce some 350,000 units, but for 2009 only 100,000 will  meet their new owners. As for how they’ll reach their new owners … Tata taking registrations for an application fee of Rs. 300 ($6), with a deposit costing Rs. 3000 ($60). Although the car doesn’t meed safety requirements for most countries— they plan an improved version of the Nano for Europe though, it’s a very good solution for regular Indian people. [via WCF]

Tata Nano Plant May Have to Move

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Indian farmers from Singur, in West Bengal, have started violent protests against the government and the Tata Nano plant that was supposed to be built on their lands. Some 1,000 acres have been “taken” from farmers which where offered compensations, but not all of them agreed with that proposal, leaving Tata with a hard decision to take.

“What has concerned us is the violence, the disruptions, that has led us to be concerned about the safety of our employees, our equipment and investment, and of the viability of the process,” Chairman Ratan Tata told reporters in Kolkata, the state’s capital, on Friday. “If anybody is under the impression that because we have made this very large investment of 1,500 crore rupees ($350 million), that we would not move, then they are wrong, because we would move to protect our people,” he said.

Even though such a protest could hurt the image India has to potential investors. If the outcome turns out to be negative, that could mean that big car manufacturers will think twice before entering that market (if they will).

We shall find out if Tata has a plan B for their $350 million investment in West Bengal. They’ll have to choose fast this time.

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