Porsche Boxster and Cayman get the TECHART treatment

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The Italian tuning house TECHART has revealed a tuning package to facelift the Porsche Cayman and the Boxster. The tuning kit includes a pair of TUV certified aerokits with LED daytime runners, carbon fiber interior touches and sport springs. Talk about the bodywork, the facelift package comes with a front spoiler, a body colored spoiler lip, side sills and a new-looking rear end. The down-force has been improved at multiple points on the car especially the rear where a rigid rear spoiler and apron together ensure that the car stays on road even at extreme speeds. On the inside there is a combination of carbon interiors and aluminum pedals along with a three-spoke steering wheel and lit entry sills.

Konigseder Tunes Up a Porsche Carrera GT

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It’s a fact that although it has been discontinued, Porsche Carrera GT (the fastest Porsche ever) doesn’t need any more “upgrades”. But who are we to argue with the wicked folks from Konigseder? The Austrian tuner developed a body kit that includes a set of new wheels, a deeper exhaust, a new front end with a redesigned front bumper, and some chunky side skirts, the new orange GT is much wider which adds to its aggressiveness. Featuring the factory 5.7-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine that outputs some 612bhp (457kW) and 590Nm of torque, Konigseder managed to send it 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and to achieve a max speed of 330 km/h. Doesn’t sound bad at all, don’t you think? [via carscoop]

B&B Turns the Heat Up with Volkswagen Eos

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So someone at B&B decided that a car like the Volkswagen Eos needed a lot more oomph and blurring speed than what the current 2.0-litre TFSI engine dished out (200 hp). So they just tuned it up several notches with four different levels of power that go from 360 hp to 400 hp, 450 hp and 500 hp.That’s right; they took a 200 hp engine and decided to give you a 500 hp option! The new top of the line engine offers 650 Nm of torque, allows you to race from 0 – 100km/h in 4.2 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in just 13.5 seconds and has a max speed of 308km/h. With a special slim line oil cooler, new gaskets, ledges and few other modifications to deal with the new found power, we’d sure love to spin it for a while.

BMW M3 Aerodynamic Kit by Hartge

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The M3 is already an amazing ride, but we’ll have to agree that it could use a small facelift from time to time. That’s what the wicked tuners from Hartge managed to do. They came out with an aerodynamic kit that include a front spoiler lip, carbon add-ons for the front spoiler lip, and side sills for both right and left rear. Also included with the package there’s a rear diffuser, a stylish lip for the boot lid (not available for the convertible, though) and a set of carbon cased mirrors. Though we don’t have a price or a full list of changes, it’s obvious that the exterior accessories pimped it out a little, don’t you think? [via WCF]

Steinmetz tunes up Opel Insignia in style

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Opel Insignia is a pretty popular choice among those who fancy their hand at creating custom tuning kits for cars and Steinmetz has unveiled its own version with a provisional tuning package. The tuning kit offered by Steinmetz comes with a ride lowering suspension system, black and white 20-inch alloy wheels and changes to the front grille and front spoiler. Even the rear silencer tailpipe and floor mats have been altered, despite which the Insignia still largely retains its original look. Dubbed as the new European Car of the Year, Insignia would surely attract many more automakers who will offer custom add-ons and this one from Steinmetz looks subtle and simple.

Badass Audi R8 by Project Kahn

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No, you’re right. Audi R8 doesn’t need many changes to look even more amazing than it does, but when they can add to the Wow-factor … then they should. Exactly what Project Kahn did. With a lower suspension and some 21-inch badass F1-X lightweight carbon fiber rims, you’ll get that beautiful monster above. We’re not sure about the engine or if they’re going to work on it, but for the moment the company said “You do not need to worry about the engine.” Guess the 4.2 liter FSI, 414 hp (309 kW) V8 stays! – via WCF

911 Bi-Turbo by DKR Tuning

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If you know someone that owns a Porsche 911 Turbo and says he’d like it to be more powerful or to look even fancier, then I need to have a word with him. For most of us, just owning one would be a great honor, but for those that can afford one, it may not. For these guys, German tuner DKR has a €5,529 power upgrade that packs an optimized ECU software and a new sports exhaust system. All these change the twin-turbo 3.6-litre boxer engine into a beast that outputs 540 bhp/ 402kW and 775Nm.

If it’s not only power that you need, then a body kit is available, too. A front lip spoiler, a larger rear wing and some 19-inch Cargraphic RS alloy wheels woud definitely close the deal. Like it? – via Carscoop

BMW 135i up to 350 hp, by Hartge

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Some of the best tuners in the world are Germans or Japanese, right? Well the guys at Hartge got their hands on a BMW 135i and pushed it to the limits by developing an ECU upgrade for the 3.0-liter bitrubo engine, that is now releasing nothing less than 350 hp (44hp more) at 5660 rpm and 480 Nm (lb-ft 354) at 2950 rpm.

The new BMW 135i by Hartge is topping at 280 km/h (174 mph) and goes from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.8 seconds, which is half a second faster than the 5.3s standard. Price for a fully equipped BMW 135i tuned by Hartge is going to cost in Germany € 48,162.14, excluding VAT. Worth it?