Bentley Continental GT receives masterful Vilner make-over

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Eight months ago, a client came into Studio Vilner and brought along his first generation Bentley Continental GT. Vilner’s client’s Bentley had a classic, Racing Green exterior colour and the standard production interior in a Saffron colour with brown, wooden accents.

Their client wanted to achieve a distinct individualization for his automobile: this meant that his favourite vehicle should express his own style of luxury, comfort and individuality, while still respecting the beautiful, classic design of the Continental GT.


Bulgarian Designer Goes Wild With American Muscle Car

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The first line in the press release mentions Bulgarian Design Studio, Vilner. Call me narrow minded, but I can’t think of the last automotive marvel to eminate from the eastern block country. Which I suppose is why this Vilner Cherokee is so special.

Starting life as a previous-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, an already powerful SUV, the car first made a stop at legendary/insane tuning house Henessy, where they boosted the cars 400horses to a frankly frightening 600hp. Thankfully that power is distributed via all 4 wheels, or the owner would go through rear tyres like Chappies.

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