Paddock Hacks Show Lures You to Stretch the Limits; Do Crazy Things in a Beaten-Up Car

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Ever driven a beaten up car? That too, in uneven and slushy terrain? Here’s your chance to live the experience! Paddock Hacks, the upcoming TV series produced by Top Shelf, takes a sneak peek into the practice of driving beaten-up cars into extinction on farm properties. The creative mind behind the show is David White, the former Central Hawke’s Bay man.


Mercedes-Benz ML 63 Tuned Wide Body Kit (Video)

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See what we have for you here.

Courtesy of  Expression Motorsport, we bring to you a YouTube video of the Mercedes-Benz ML 63 Tuned Wide Body kit. Check out what’s new in here. Don’t forget to tell us what you feel. Video after the jump: