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Tesla Model D: all you need to know

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Tesla Model D

You’ve probably heard of Tesla’s big announcement last week (the company does love to cause a buzz in the media) – their updated version of the Model S. The car, or newer version, is clever and powerful.

But before we bore you with small details, here are some of the car’s coolest features you need to know about:

Dual-motor engine:

The D in the Tesla Model S D, stands for dual-motor. Meaning, the engine has a motor in the front and in the back.

The dual-motor engine allows the car to be way more powerful than its predecessor. It is the fastest and most powerful car Tesla has ever made and has some pretty impressive stats.

It can go from 0 – 100km/h in 3.2 seconds – which is on parr (or even faster) than a Lamborghini Marchelago. It can also reach a top speed of around 250 km/h, which is 40km’s faster than the current Model S.

The car is also all-wheel drive.

Improved safety:

The Tesla D boasts an array of added safety features. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has said that it was part of the main aim with the Model D to make it even safer for drivers and passengers a like.

Most notably, though, it has a radar that allows the driver to see through snow and fog, it has a image recognition camera and a powerful, 360-degree ultra sonic sonar system.

It also features a smart system which, of course, combines all the info from the various sensors with real time GPS.

Autopilot Capability:

Now this is perhaps the most exciting feature of the Model D. Musk has long since said that self-driving cars are the way of the future, and here, in the Model D, his ambitions manifest themselves.

However, we must understand that the autopilot feature can’t be deployed right now – although it is there. The current models won’t be able to do it right now and also, it is not yet legally allowed.

The autopilot system uses a forward mounted radar, camera and multiple sensors to work. It has a sight range of up to 4.8 meters, which can detect (and then obviously avoid) pedestrians etc.

It can also brake the car by itself to avoid crashing into other vehicles. It can change lanes by itself – or at least keep within the lanes.

The Model D is also capable of reading specific speed limits and then adhere to them (which could actually be rather annoying for some!). Oh, and obviously, if the car can basically drive by itself, it can also park by itself. I’m sold on that if it can parallel park for me!

All in all the Model D is super clever and modern and a really great car.

Model D

Check out the video of Musk introducing the car below:

Source: Autoblog