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This is how you do proper stunt driving

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stunt driver McComas

Whether its in an action film, super hero movie or suspenseful thriller, the chances are when you watch a bog budget Hollywood movie, you’ll see some kind of stunts being performed. And when these stunts involve cars, we get really excited.

Stuntmen and more specifically stunt drivers have the scariest, most dangerous and no doubt most exhilarating fun jobs in Hollywood – or at least we think so.

They get to drive around (usually very fast) in super cool cars and then crash the, flip them or spin them in manoeuvres we can only dream of.

Mike Musto of the Drive channel recently spent some time with famed Hollywood stuntman and stunt driver, Tom McComas to pick up a few tricks when it comes to stunt driving.

Tom McComas has been driving (and crashing) cars on film for more than a decade, so its safe to say he knows what he is doing.

He showed Mike Musto some basic tricks for stunt driving and, while it all looks fun and super exciting, it does have an element of danger – which is not always a bad thing.

McComas showed off his skills in his own, personal stunt-customised Ford Crown Victoria.

Check out the video below – and need we say, please don’t try this at home!

Source: YouTube