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This police car will definitely catch you

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If there is one type of car that needs to be fast, it’s a police car. Seeing as though they catch and chase criminals and all, one would expect these cars to be super fast.

However, locally our police cars aren’t that fast. In fact, some of them are rather slow – not good at all if you are pursuing a criminal in the loose! But just because our local cars aren’t ridiculously fast, doesn’t mean that other country’s police cars have to be slow too. In fact, this new police car from a small town in the south of England is anything but slow. 

We already know about the Dubai police that prefer to track down criminals in Bugatti Veyron’s. And now it seems that the police in the  small towns of Avon and Somerset in England have also taken a liking to sport cars. There preferred mode of transport os pretty neat, and it’s called the Ariel Atom.

At first glance, the car looks like it should rather belong on an F1 racetrack, rather than on the small roads in a small town.



The Atom has a Honda engine that produces an incredible 350 horsepower and can go from 0 – 100km in 2.6 seconds. Yes, you read that right, 2.6 seconds! At this speed they will actually give the Dubai police and their Bugatti’s a run for their money.

But, as amuck as we would love to believe this super car is designed to capture criminals, it is, unfortunately, not. The Atom will be used to promote motorcycle safety. Though it’s not catching the bad guys in a high speed chase, it is still being used for a noble cause!.

Also, we definitely would;t mind a ride in this police vehicle!

Source: Motor Authority