Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Ferrari Formula 1 racing team recently fired the whole pit crew to employ a few young lads from Soweto. This sudden reaction came about due to a television documentary showing how young Sowetans could take off a car’s wheels in under six seconds without any fancy equipment.

Ferrari soon regretted their decision, as the young men not only changed the wheels within six seconds but twelve seconds later the car had been resprayed and sold to the McLaren team! Ferrari was still eager to compete in the Grand Prix and, since they no longer had a formula 1 car to race with, the young Sowetans suggested using a minibus taxi, complete with an experienced (yet unlicensed) driver and fare collector.

Of course, they easily won the championship, since the minibus weaved it’s a way through the starting grid, setting off before the lights changed and didn’t bother to change the tires when they wore out. It also took all the corners at maximum speed, as the brakes were nonexistent. On the way to victory the new “Ama Ferrari-Ferrari” team also managed to hi-jack several competitors cars and pick up 35 passengers at some notoriously dangerous spots, including blind rises as well as chicanes.

150,000 spectators rocked, boogied and cheered the minibus to victory as it blasted six thousand watts of rap music for the entire 77 laps of the race. We can be proud of yet another South African sporting achievement which will put us at the forefront of sporting history.